Image: Devil Springs
Christoph Nagy  /  UGC

May 21

Christoph Nagy has been taking photos for the past 15 years. He has captured some great shots — including the top-rated image in this week’s It’s A Snap! contest — and he has missed opportunities, too.

The resident of Clemmons, N.C., has some advice to share with his fellow hobbyists, especially those just starting out.

“Always have your camera with you and ready because you never know what will present itself.”

Nagy was certainly prepared one April morning in 2008. He set up his Canon EOS Rebel XTI and took this photo of the stunningly blue waters of Ginnie Springs. “I was fascinated by the fact it looked like there was no water at all,” he recalled. He learned about the north Florida location while reading an article in National Geographic.

Despite his passion for photography, Nagy has been missing more chances, but not because of lack of preparation. The computer programmer and his wife recently welcomed two children into their lives. “There’s not a lot of opportunity lately,” he said.

The family additions may have altered the way Nagy practices his hobby, but it helps explain his second pearl of wisdom:

“You should enjoy the travel and not just look through the camera.”


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