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    >>> tempur-pedic.

    >>> mexican president felipe calderon is calling on the u.s. to fix a broken immigration system. moments ago, he talked about border security and urged the u.s. to stop the flow of assault weapons into mexico and got standing ovation when he took aim at arizona's new crack down on illegal immigrants .

    >> i strongly disagree with the recently adopted law in arizona. it is a law -- it is a law -- that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased, but also introduced a terrible idea using racial profiling as a basis for importance.

    >> luke russert is on capitol hill also joining me, maria kumar. luke, when he's talking about immigration, do you think there's a political will on capitol hill to tackle that issue this year?

    >> folks from the left and right will tell you quite frankly and bluntly, no. little less than three weeks ago, harry reid introduced what would be the democratic version of a reform bill . it included language the republicans liked and providing a path for the illegal immigrants already in the country. it has really gotten in traction on capitol hill . why? it is such a contention, devicive issue. democrats in the senate do not want to make a tough stand on the immigration issue. folks on both sides they it's not going to get done. a lot of democrats are also pointing out to president obama that he needs to make a leadership stand for this to go forward.

    >> let's go to what calderon had to say about the mexican side of the issue. he said the mexicans don't want illegal immigration either. he considers it a problem on the south side of the board e, but says american has problem, too. that it's sending cash and guns south of the border that fueled the drug war and further more, america needs to do something about the drug problem and tell americans to stop doing illegal drugs .

    >> i can tell you that my family is from colombia and the drug war was vicious and lasted almost 35 years. if we don't secure our borders or address the issue, it's not in another continent. it's our next door neighbor. he's talking about securing borders, but also addressing the issue that we have semiautomatic weapons crossing the border. 80,000 were confiscated since he's been in august. we have 7,000 gun shops along the border where it's going one way. they're going through mexico and there's a migration of drugs crossing the border, but also human capital . folks are saying i can't live in mexico because of the drug war .

    >> thank you very much. we have a programming note to

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