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    >>> from nbc's tom costello following this. apparently they had an emergency landing in montreal . what can you tell me?

    >> reporter: this plane was over oceanic air space . again, united flight 935, a 777 from london to los angeles , and they had to put down in montreal because while over oceanic air space , they experienced severe turbulence. so extreme, we are told by the faa, that one flight attendant apparently broke his or her leg and a passenger suffered a broken ankle. once in canadian air space they said they had to put the plane down very quickly. they went to montreal . the plane was met by ambulances. and paramedics transported the injured to local hospitals. we are aware of two injuries. however, we're not sure if there might be more in some fashion. other injuries on board. but, again, a broken leg and a broken ankle. united flight putting down in montreal . montreal was not part of the itinerary. they put down because of the injuries on board this plane. again, this is now in -- in canadian air space . so the canadian transportation safety board will be involved in this investigation. tamron, back to you.

    >> thank you very much.

    >>> bp now says it may

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