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Chef John of the YouTube channel "Foodwishes" breaks down Google Moderator while inviting viewers to enter the "The Summer of You" first-ever Foodwishes contest.
Helen Popkin
updated 5/27/2010 2:42:24 PM ET 2010-05-27T18:42:24

YouTube just made it easier to access the wisdom of the masses with today’s site-wide integration of Google Moderator. The tool more easily allows those who post videos to better manage viewer feedback carry on real-time conversations with their audience.

Earlier this year, YouTube made successful use of Google Moderator for interactive interviews with President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The video sharing site (which is owned by Google) kicked off the permanent addition of its parent company’s tool by inviting 12 YouTube users and channels of note, including  pop culture weisenheimer Michael Buckley, Stanford cardiologist Dr. Euan Ashley, the New York Times and Chef John of Foodwishes.

Announcing Foodwishes’ “Summer of You” content, Chef John invited viewers to use Google Moderator to submit their favorite summer recipes and explain why they're a favorite. “With this new Moderator feature, you’re going to be able to upload video or submit your text requests to the channel and the contest will run for two weeks, after which the Foodwish nation will decide the winner,” he said.

Google Moderator allows users to vote submissions up or down and provides the YouTube channel host an opportunity to post a video responding to submissions.

The value is readily apparent with explanatory channels “Howcast”, “Ask The New York Times” and “Dr. Ashely’s Ask a Cardiologist.” As for the “Summer of You” contest, users are able to submit feedback via video or text.

But if you’re looking to win Foodwishes' “Summer of You” contest, you might want take a tip from Chef John. “I’m no YouTube expert,” he said in his video. “But I’m thinking between text or video, which one should you submit? I’d go with video.” It is YouTube, after all.

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