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    MATT LAUER, co-host: We are back now at 7:45. This morning on EAT THIS NOT THAT !, it's always about what you eat, but it's also about what you drink. From coffee to juice to your favorite shake, you may be consuming an entire meal's worth of calories or sugar without taking a single bite. David Zinczenko , author of the "Eat This Not That!" series, is out with his latest book. This one's called " Drink This Not That !" David , the hits keep coming. Nice to see you.

    Mr. DAVID ZINCZENKO: Good to see you, Matt.

    LAUER: We're not talking about alcohol drinks here.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: No.

    LAUER: I I mean, that's a whole other issue. You can gain a lot of weight based on some of these alcohol drinks. We're talking about the things people might have two, three, four times a day.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Right. And people don't realize it. And so the whole point of "Drink This Not That!" is how you -- to show how you can shrink up to a few pounds a week by watching what you drink. And the studies show that it's the easiest, fastest way to lose weight and keep it off for good. We just don't think about it.

    LAUER: Sip yourself slimmer is the way you put it.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: There you go.

    LAUER: OK, let's start with this first.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: All right.

    LAUER: And we should say right off the bat, these are big drinks. These are what, 32 ounces?

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Thirty-two ounces.

    LAUER: All right.


    LAUER: This one is the Dunkin' Donuts large vanilla bean Coolatta .

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Right.

    LAUER: What are we talking about? What kind of damage does this do?

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Well, they should rename it the un- Coolatta , because there is nothing cool about starting your morning with the equivalent of three strawberry sundaes without even eating anything. So here...

    LAUER: So this has 860...

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Eight-hundred...

    LAUER: ... calories , 11 grams of fat, 172 grams of sugars.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Right, exactly. So what you want to do, stay at Dunkin' Donuts , but instead go with their large coffee Coolatta with milk. Here...

    LAUER: It's also 32 ounces...

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Right, if you're bent on the 32 ounces. Because what you're going to do is you're going to -- you're going to cut out 40 grams of sugar , you're going to cut out 400 calories . So you want the coffee in the morning, it revs your metabolism, it's great, but stay away from the syrups...

    LAUER: And if...

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: ...the whipped cream, the full-fat dairy.

    LAUER: And if you do that every day of a week, that's going add up enormously.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Yeah, that is very significant.

    LAUER: Let's talk about water now.


    LAUER: This is Glaceau Vitamin Water Focus Kiwi Strawberry , 20 ounces.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Right. And you think, oh, water, how can that be bad for you? Well, you know, but there is bad-for-you water. And in this case the problem is you're getting 125 calories and it's all sugar calories .

    LAUER: And it's the equivalent...

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: The equivalent of a chocolate bar and a half. So what you want to do is have the Vitamin Water , but have the zero calorie alternative, no- sugar alternative. And it's great because that difference adds up to 13 pounds a year if you do that once a day.

    LAUER: All right, let's move on. Tropicana grape juice ...

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Yeah.

    LAUER: ...beverage. It sounds healthy...

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Yep.

    LAUER: ...but it's got a lot of sugar in it, doesn't it?

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: That's the code word, beverage or cocktail. What that means is it's loaded with sugar ; in this case, 72 grams of it. It's the sugar equivalent of six bowls of Froot Loops . So what you want to do is get the Tropicana , but stick with the 100 percent grapefruit juice because just doing this -- it's low calorie , it's loaded with antioxidants, it's...

    LAUER: No fat, zero grams of fat.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: You got it.

    LAUER: All right.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: And you're shaving 40 grams of sugar .

    LAUER: Finally, Cold Stone Creamery , this is their -- it's the PB and C shake.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Peanut butter and chocolate...

    LAUER: So peanut butter and chocolate shake.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: You could use this for the top kill procedure. This has -- this is a small. This is a small at 1300 calories . If you go for the large you're over 2,000 calories . It is...

    LAUER: You blow the day right there.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Right there. It is the equivalent, Matt , of a dozen Reese's Peanut Butter Cups . So stick with the same size, go ahead and get this Sinless Oh Fudge Sundae , and you're lopping off 800 calories . That's...

    LAUER: This was good information.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: That's what the new book does.

    LAUER: By the way, there's only 11 now...

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: Oh.

    LAUER: ... Reese's Peanut Butter Cups there.

    Mr. ZINCZENKO: It's 10.

    LAUER: David Zinczenko , the book is "Drink This Not That!" David , always good to have you here.

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