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  BP CEO: 'Difficult to predict' spill's outcome

BP: Straw can suck 5,000 barrels a day

  BP chief operating officer Doug Suttles tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that the company is ramping up efforts to contains the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP: Tube is siphoning oil from leak

Reporting its first success in containing the massive Gulf oil leak nearly a month after it started, BP says oil and natural gas are flowing via a mile-long pipe to a ship at the surface. Full story

BP will try again on oil siphoning tube

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says BP had a problem with its latest attempt to stop a massive Gulf oil spill but is continuing the effort to stick a mile-long tube into the gusher. Full story

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BP could try pipe before 'top hat'

‘Top hat’ is up next in bid to contain Gulf oil

'Top hat' oil containment device much smaller


  BP COO uncertain smaller dome will work

Doug Suttles, COO at BP, discusses new, untested techniques the company is planning to use in an effort to stem the Gulf Coast oil leak following the failed attempt of the larger dome.

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This still image from a live BP video feed shows on July 15, 2010 apparently no oil leaking, in the Gulf of Mexico. BP engineers Thursday stopped oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico for the first time since April as they shut all valves on a new cap placed on top of a fractured wellhead, a BP offic