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Video: 12 dead in U.K. shooting spree

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    >>> peruvian woman.

    >>> police in the northwest part of england say a gunman went on a shooting rampage killing 12 people, 25 others critically injured. police are currently investigating. more than 30 different crime scenes they believe this man hit. police say they found the body of the taxi driver they believe was the gunman. debbie edwards is with our british broadcasting partner itn and joins us live from cumbria, england .

    >> well, the body was discovered here at 2:00 just in those woods at the end of the lane behind me, a 52-year-old taxi driver from the northwest of england . at 10:30 this morning he went on his killing spree in white haven on the northwest coast of england claiming his first victim and in the 20 miles between white haven and here he killed 12 people and injured 25 more. he killed a cyclist along his route, a fellow taxi driver , even a woman who was handing out catalogs in the street. he also killed a farmer just standing in his field just moments from where i am. at the moment there seems to be no apparent reason why this 52-year-old man went on this killing spree . his friends describing him as a friendly man, a nice man, a quiet man. he's a divorced man with two children. no apparent reason why he would go on this. and in the last few moments friends and officers have arrived here and officers will start taking evidence from around his body and we expect that to be removed later this evening.

    >> thank you for that live report . unbelievable story. very sad.

    >>> israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu


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