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    LESTER HOLT: I'm Lester Holt from NBC News . I'm proud to introduce our latest milestone. Newly designed web pages that will satisfy the news junkie in everybody.

    Follow big stories.

    Read the latest articles.

    See the best pictures.

    Participate in the conversation.

    Find what you need.

    And share with your friends.

    Some of the coolest changes are right here in this video player . Watch the news right on the page, go full screen, or pop the player up in a new window.

    Move your mouse off the video player for a clean, big picture viewing experience. Move your mouse back onto the player to see all your options.

    It's easy to find more video clips that relate to the story-they're right here, with more to choose from down below. You can also follow the biggest stories with our new text features. Want to watch, but can't listen? Now, for the first time, click "subtitles" to read along.

    Or click "transcript," select the part you want to watch, and just click the words to play them.

    Search for a term inside the video to see every time it appears in the clip, and to go right to it.

    We've also made it even easier to share our videos through email, Facebook , Twitter , and on your blog. You can even choose which part of a clip you want to embed.

    Give it a try, and let us know what you think about our new online experience. I'm Lester Holt , NBC News.

Our previous story page layouts with small text, small video links and lots of noise.
By Creative Director

We've made some big changes to our stories. Bigger pictures. Bigger video. Bigger text. Combined on a page, they tell bigger stories.

The only thing big about our previous pages were the size and number of the gray tease boxes (pictured right). Why not, we thought, stop teasing and start showing this content?

We are a multimedia news service. Some stories you just have to see. Others work best in text. Many have both.

So we've stacked up the pieces with the most compelling content on top. Start with a video.  Scroll down to read. Want more? Show more. Long text simply expands in place. Then scroll down for photos. Lots of large photos. Share your favorite. Via e-mail. On Facebook. On Twitter. Continue down the page. See what others are saying. Expand. Respond.

Keep going. We post thousands of updates a day and are constantly searching them for related angles. It's all right there near the bottom of every story. Want the bigger picture? There's a dashboard view of the latest news trends below. Or jump back to the top of the page. Our site navigation gets bigger, too. Just when you need it.

Go deep. Zoom out. All in one place. We think it's a big deal. You?

Scroll down for feature-by-feature details, sample slideshows, as well as questions and comments.

Explainer: Details feature by feature

  • Getting around

  • Quickly find top stories

    We've moved the news menu to the top of story pages and made it easier to see what's happening across the site. When you first get to a story, you'll see sections and shows displayed across the top of the page. Below is the name of the section you're in and a search box. Scroll up to see top headlines, slideshows, video and hot topics. Roll over a section name to see more from that section and click on a section name to go there.

  • Multimedia at a glance

    Our new design takes advantage of "slices" featuring related text, multimedia and interactive content right on the page. To see what slices are available, look for thumbnail previews near the top of the page. Click a thumbnail to jump to that slice.

  • More ways to get around

    Quickly navigate stories using "jump" icons on the right side of the page, your browser's scrollbar or your keyboard's up and down arrows. Open the drawers at the bottom of a slice to view more content such as related slideshows, video and show transcripts.

  • Set your preference

    To adjust text size and style, print a story or share it with friends, use the controls at the top of a story's text slice.

  • Photos & video

  • Embedded video

    Our new video player lets you watch news reports and clips from your favorite NBC News and msnbc TV program right on the page. We've added transcripts and closed captioning to many of our videos. You can jump to keywords or enter your own search terms for a video clip. Related and top-rated videos can be found next to the clip you're watching or by expanding the drawer below the video. You can easily share videos and create custom clips to embed on your blog or website by pressing "clip & share."

    Scroll down to explore inline video.

  • Integrated slideshows

    The power of photographs often doesn't translate well on a Web page. With our new slideshows, you can scroll through big, vibrant images without leaving the page and easily discover even more images. Preview images by hovering over the blue boxes on the left. Advance to the next image by clicking "next" or click on the image itself. Keep clicking or expand the drawer to find related slideshows.

    To share a photo by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter, click the "share" link after an image caption to launch the sharing toolbar.

    Scroll down to browse a new slideshow.

  • Comment & share

  • New sharing tools

    It's now easier than ever to share your favorite stories, photos and blog posts with your friends and track your discussions with other readers. A sharing toolbar appears at the bottom of most pages. You can recommend stories and slideshows using your favorite e-mail program, Facebook or Twitter. To minimize the toolbar, click "hide tools." We will be adding more apps and functionality to the toolbar, so stay tuned.

  • Join the conversation

    Stories now display top-rated and editor-recommended comments from readers. Open the discussion drawer or click "view all" to see more comments. To rate comments and share your thoughts, click "leave your comment." You will be taken to Newsvine, msnbc's community site where readers can discuss news from a variety of sources, track conversations, write columns, clip articles and recommend stories. Registration is free and easy and will allow you to manage other msnbc services such as alerts and newsletters. Click here to set up an account.

  • Dive on in

  • Explore related content

    At the bottom of pages you'll find a slice showcasing related topics, stories, video and slideshows. You can also enter your own search terms to discover more stories and multimedia from msnbc and across the Web.

  • View hot topics and searches

    Explore the most popular topics on A dynamic display shows not only what's popular and making news, but how those topics have trended over the last week.

Photos: The photo slice

loading photos...
  1. We've chosen some of our pictures from The Elkhart Project to illustrate our Photos slice. The point of this slice to to display a collection of pictures that are an important part of the story.

    Click the picture or the "Next" button to proceed. You can also click the "Previous" button if you want to see the previous picture.

    Tara Hathaway and Olivia, 8, attend the Elkhart County 4-H Fair. (James Cheng / Back to slideshow navigation
  2. Click “Open in new window” above to pop the slideshow out into its own player. Or, Click “Share” at the end of the caption to send a link to this picture to friends using email, Facebook, or Twitter.

    Sprinkles (left to right), Skitter and Bubbles pose for their portrait at the fair. (James Cheng / Back to slideshow navigation
  3. When you get to the end of a slideshow, you can go to the next related slideshow by clicking on the picture, the “Next” button, or any of the links in the “more slideshows” drawer below this picture.

    Elise Goodman, 17, is attending the Elkhart County 4-H Fair to show her rabbit, "Rusty". (James Cheng / Back to slideshow navigation
  1. Editor's note:
    This image contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.

    Click to view the image, or use the buttons above to navigate away.

  2. Editor's note:
    This image contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.

    Click to view the image, or use the buttons above to navigate away.

  3. Editor's note:
    This image contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.

    Click to view the image, or use the buttons above to navigate away.

  4. Editor's note:
    This image contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.

    Click to view the image, or use the buttons above to navigate away.

  1. Image: Image: Tara Hathaway and Olivia, 8, attending the Elkhart County Fair in Goshen Ind.
    James Cheng /
    Above: Slideshow (3) Browse a new slideshow
  2. Slideshow (9) Voices of the recession

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