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Video: BP moves Hayward off Gulf cleanup

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    announcer: williams.

    >>> good evening, everyone. they can't stop the oil tonight, but bp is hoping it can at least stop the bleeding. ceo tony hayward has been called back to the home office in the u.k. and another exec now takes over day-to-day operations in the gulf. the change comes a day after hayward , angered and frustrated members of a congressional subcommittee with a series of evasive answers during a capitol hill hearing. the experienced oil man suffered a series of gaffes while trying to put a concerned face on the crisis. lisa myers has more.

    >> reporter: good evening, lester. tony hayward 's performance before congress only further inflamed his critics. experts say his removal from day-to-day operations eliminates a public irritant but doesn't solve the basic problem -- the oil. hayward 's boss, bp chairman carl-henric svanburg said after weeks of leading the response in the gulf, hayward would now be coming home .

    >> he's no longer handling the day-to-day operations.

    >> reporter: he acknowledged that hayward , dubbed by some as the most hated man in america, has had his share of gaffes.

    >> it is clear tony made remarks that upset people, including yesterday. hayward 's performance before congress, which committee members called "evasive."

    >> i simply was not involved in the decision-making process.

    >> reporter: asked why hayward was replaced, a source close to bp said hayward had a lot working against him with an american audience. he looked and sounded british, and the source said had said stupid things.

    >> bp probably felt they had to do something very, very visible, but the truth is these type of personnel moves end up accomplishing very little because you still have oil all over the place.

    >> reporter: bp said two weeks ago that another executive, bob dudley, an american from mississippi, would be taking day-to-day control of the response in the gulf.

    >> bp has taken full responsibility --

    >> reporter: still, hayward remained the face of the company in tv commercials until the last few days when he was replaced by this man.

    >> i was born and raised in louisiana. i volunteered for this assignment because this is my home.

    >> reporter: svanburg said the gulf disaster mushroomed into a problem that threatened bp 's reputation and finances, and that he now will be more involved in the response which may or may not help bp 's image, given the swedish chairman's own recent gaffe in trying to convey bp 's concern about families on the gulf.

    >> we care about the small people .

    >> reporter: today, a senior administration officially said the white house views this as a positive development but insisted the white house played no role in getting hayward sent home. lester?

    >> lisa myers tonight. thank you.

    >>> the news is better about


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