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    >>> welcome back, everybody. and today on "be well be health healthy" we are testing our nutritional know-how as part of healthy week here at nbc.

    >> today's diet and nutrition editor madeline fernstrom is here to quiz us.

    >> we love that.

    >> on some fun food facts. fun for her, not so much for us. hello, madeline.

    >> hello. it will be fun for everyone today because we're just going to test your general nutrition know-how. so you know the rules of this game. buzz in when you have the answer. and if there's more than one answer, the other person, if they get it wrong, can buzz in. but let's start with something we're looking at here. this is a pound of fat. now, if you're going to generally want to lose or gain one pound, how many calories does it take? 1,500? 2,500? or 3,500? hoda.

    >> i'll go with 35.

    >> you're right. 3,500 calories to gain or lose one pound.

    >> you are quick enough. i didn't even hear the question. but i'm -- [ buzzer ]

    >> now your buzzer works. okay. fiber 's very good for you. one of these foods on the table is not a good source of fiber . is it a cup of blueberries? 12 almonds? two slices of whole wheat bread ? a half a cup of cooks rice? or one cup of black bean soup? kathie lee .

    >> rice.

    >> no. hoda.

    >> of course not.

    >> i am going to go with the wheat bread .

    >> wrong. you're both --

    >> what?

    >> no, it is the almonds. almonds are good for a lot of things but not for fiber . it's important because fiber is good for digestive health, it's good for heart health, it can help lower cholesterol and keep your blood sugar stable. here's the question related to fiber in terms of your need. do you need 10 to 15 grams of fiber a day or 20 to 25 grams of fiber ?

    >> what are the choices?

    >> 10 to 15, 20 to 25.

    >> you go.

    >> 20 to 25.

    >> you are right.

    >> oh, good.

    >> in fact, that's your day of fiber . take away these nuts, this is 25 grams of fiber . and if you're not so hard on starches, you can mix five or six fruits or vegetables. that will get you above 20. it's not so hard to do.

    >> or you can take metamusil or something, can't you?

    >> well, you always want to do it with food.

    >> i live on that grams of fiber in just a cup of blueberries. here's an eight-ounce glass of peach nectar. how many medium peaches does it take to equal the calories in this juice? is it two, three, or four? hoda.

    >> four. it's got to be.

    >> it is four. you're right.

    >> you know, they were peeking through. we could see there were four of them.

    >> you couldn't see.

    >> because you were cheating.

    >> you always want to eat your fruit and not drink it.

    >> i have two, you have one. i'm just saying.

    >> now we're getting to the tougher questions. everyone loves peanut butter .

    >> tougher.

    >> everyone loves peanut butter .

    >> heart healthy, fat, lots of protein. this is a serving on this piece of bread. but how much should you use? we see this slice. what is a standard serving size ? is it one tablespoon? two tablespoons? or three tablespoons?

    >> two.

    >> two. you're right.

    >> you are -- hello.

    >> no, i'm just guessing. i have no idea.

    >> it's two level tablespoons.

    >> then forget it.

    >> it's about the size of a golf ball . this is what you want to aim for. it's not those big dollops that we have.

    >> okay.

    >> protein is a key nutrient. and we don't have to clailt vealculate very hard to see that. it's good for muscles, weight control . you take your weight, cut that in half for the number of grams you need a day. if you weigh 120 pounds you need 60.

    >> who weighs 120 pounds?

    >> well, i don't know. you weigh 180 pounds you need 90. this has some chickpeas, tuna, some greens, cheese. does this salad have 28, 38, or 48 grams of protein? hoda.

    >> 38.

    >> no. you get another guess.

    >> 48.

    >> 48. actually, it's the same as having a half a pound of steak. so you can get a huge amount of protein in a heart-healthy salad. nothing against the steak. vuk that n you can have that now and then too.

    >> you have three, i have two.

    >> you are so competitive.

    >> this is a tough one because now we're going to be on to liquids. this is a tough one because there's hidden calories we can't taste. we have an 8-ounce regular soda and then a 20-ounce soda. how many teaspoons of sugar will you save if you downsize 20 ounces of regular soda to 8 ounces? are you saving four, seven, or ten teaspoons of sugar? kat kathie lee .

    >> ten.

    >> you are saving ten. that's right. you are going from 17 to 7. and the winner is kathie lee .

    >> unbelievable.

    >> pride comes before the fall .

    >> congratulations.

    >> oh, look what you get. fruit.

    >> i love these.

    >> you love it so much i'm giving it to you.

    >> no.

    >> no, because that's the way i roll.

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