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    >>> in today's "decision 2010 , adequacy very different kind of tv ad than what we usually show you.

    >> you may think what you've heard is too good to be true but it is real.

    >> yeah, that's j.d. hayworth , republican challenging senator john mccain in arizona on an infomercial that promises billions of dollars in free government grants. the mccain campaign distributing the video which hayworth recorded for the national grants conference in 2007 . the group promises infomercial watchers to rake in the big bucks attending seminars but the florida-based company is criticized by members of government a ten better business bureau for decreptive marketing.

    >> the money is out there. the opportunities are out there. by the way, it's not something where it's the government's money. it's really your money. you surrendered it in the form of taxation. now's the time to take advantage of a situation where the government can invest in you. you have to take action and that's where the conference comes in. it's vital to attend the conference.

    >> now, hayworth 's spokesman said the candidate only appeared in one commercial but it was 30 minutes and his involvement with the group ended in 2007 . now, the campaign is also pointing out that mccain took $9,400 from national grants conference's co-founder in his 2008 presidential run. mccain 's campaign said hayworth lent the name to an obvious ripoff scam. a spokesman said mccain donated that ngc money to charity. all right. stay with tv ads for a minute. we have the top picks for political ads so far of the 2010 midterms and we put them all on our website. you can watch them and rate them which ones you think are the best. just log on to today we are adding a new favorite to the list. tea party candidate rick barber vying for congress in alabama. his latest tv ad advocates for taking up arms against the government. we are not kidding.

    >> i took an oath to defend that in with my life. i can't stand by while the evils are attributed. you revolted over a tea tax, a tea tax. now look at us. are you with me?

    >> gather your armies.

    >> now, by the way, this ad actually hasn't aired on broadcast television in alabama. more of an attempt to get cable and web business like demon cheap. log on. watch them all. we know what savannah is rating as a 10.

    >> i'm sorry. there really is no competition.

    >> i know.

    >> watch it -- i think everyone will agree.

    >> the infomercial, maybe does that qualify? let us know.

updated 6/25/2010 2:21:04 PM ET 2010-06-25T18:21:04

John McCain's Republican primary challenger said he regrets taping an infomercial on behalf of a company accused of taking advantage of consumers.

"I should not have made the ad. It was a mistake," J.D. Hayworth said in a statement released late Thursday.

The former congressman and talk-radio host said he didn't completely check out National Grants Conferences before agreeing to serve as its pitchman.

In the informercial, Hayworth urges viewers to attend a free seminar to learn how to get free government money. Critics say the company used high-pressure sales tactics to persuade people to pay for information that is free online or at a library.

"I hope voters will look past a video presentation made three years ago and instead look at the issues confronting us in 2010," Hayworth said.

The ad was taped in 2007 but didn't come to light until Monday. Political commentators have roundly mocked Hayworth for it. McCain's campaign is airing a television ad showing clips of Hayworth's performance and calling him a "huckster."

"Now, after four days of withering criticism, Congressman Hayworth has made a political calculation and claims he's suddenly sorry," McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said in a statement Thursday. "But it's too little, too late — especially for the people who this company ripped off with Congressman Hayworth's help."

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