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Joe Miller told to reimburse Alaska for election challenge

Failed Senate candidate Joe Miller must reimburse Alaska more than $17,000 in legal fees and costs incurred during his fight to overturn Lisa Murkowski's write-in victory, a state judge ruled on Friday. Full story

Alaska completes 'tea party' refudiation

   Alaska radio host Shannyn Moore discusses the political dynamic in Alaska with Joe Miller finally giving up on unseating Lisa Murkowski for Senate and Murkowski representing a seemingly rare breed of moderate Republican.

Past deadline, Alaska awaits a senator

   The ongoing U.S. Senate race in Alaska awaits closure in light of Sunday’s past deadline to file legal grievances by Tea Party candidate Joe Miller.  Miller still vows to fight the state’s handling of a vote count that favors Republican incumbent and write-in candidate, Lisa Murkowski.  NBC News’ ju

Lisa Murkowski ‘going rogue’?

   According to a new Politico article, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski is staking out a new defiant position. Ken Vogel, senior reporter for Politico, joins Andrea Mitchell Reports.

Alaska judge to decide Senate challenge by Friday

Full story

Miller gambles with Alaska Senate challenge

Joe Miller has mounted a vigorous post-election campaign as his lawyers wage a last-ditch legal challenge to throw out write-in ballots for Sen. Lisa Murkowski in their hard-fought Senate race. Full story

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