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The biological parents of a missing Oregon boy say they believe he is alive and are begging his stepmother to cooperate with investigators.

Kaine Horman and Desiree Young released a statement Thursday and addressed part of it to Terri Moulton Horman. Investigators say she is the last person known to have seen 7-year-old Kyron Horman, who disappeared nearly four weeks ago.

The statement reads: “We implore Terri Horman to fully cooperate with the investigators to bring Kyron home.”

Investigators have not named Terri Horman as a suspect in Kyron’s disappearance.

Kaine Horman moved out of the home he shared with Terri Horman in northwest Portland and filed divorce papers on Monday. The couple were married in April 2007. They have a 19-month-old daughter, and she also has a teenage son from a previous marriage.

In an interview late Wednesday with The Oregonian, lawyer Stephen Houze confirmed he is representing Terri Horman but declined comment on the case.

A judge has barred the stepmother from contact with her children and from access to firearms, further isolating her from the investigation into Kyron Horman's disappearance.

Restraining order
The restraining order was requested under terms of Oregon's Family Abuse Prevention Act. That document remained sealed Tuesday, but such petitions are required to cite instances of abuse, or attempted abuse, "with particularity," including dates, according to a guide compiled for the state's court system.

In granting the restraining order, Judge Keith Meisenheimer said releasing that court document "will not risk compromising the effort to find Kyron Horman and related criminal investigations."

Although she and the boy's father put up a united front for the first three weeks, that has changed. A statement in support of the investigation was released Monday, but it was only signed by Kaine Horman, the boy's mother Desiree Young, and her husband, Tony Young.

Terri Horman was at the countryside home she had shared with Kaine Horman in the northwestern part of the city on Tuesday, but did not respond to reporters assembled outside.

Terri Horman told investigators that she last saw the boy after they attended an early morning science fair at his elementary school in a wooded area of northwest Portland. She said he walked down a hallway toward his second-grade classroom, wearing a "CSI" T-shirt and dark cargo pants.

Story: Missing 7-year-old’s mom shares letter to him

Deputies have asked the public for information on Terri Horman's whereabouts on June 4. She has reportedly taken two polygraph tests.

During the search for Kyron, police have combed woods and fields near the couple's house and the school, and a large island in the Willamette River. A helicopter and divers helped ground teams in the search.

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Video: Missing boy’s stepmother seen with lawyer

  1. Transcript of: Missing boy’s stepmother seen with lawyer

    MATT LAUER, co-host: Let's begin this half-hour with serious news. Terri Horman , stepmother of seven-year-old Kyron Horman and the last family member to see him before his disappearance, has now reportedly hired a prominent defense attorney . Miguel Almaguer is in Portland , Oregon , with the latest on this. Miguel , good morning to you.

    MIGUEL ALMAGUER reporting: Matt , good morning. Terri Horman hasn't made any public statements, and while she's under increased scrutiny, a high-profile attorney has confirmed to a local newspaper he is representing the stepmother. Although he offered no comment, prominent criminal defense attorney Stephen Houze was seen in a car with Terri Horman and over an hour later, captured driving away. The road that leads to the home Terri shared with Kyron , the missing seven-year-old, is both secluded and private, much like the situation the stepmother now finds herself in. Kyron 's father, Kaine , has filed for divorce and moved his one-year-old daughter out of their home. This as detectives are said to have given Terri at least two polygraph tests. As Terri is pressured by both family and investigators, People magazine was inside Kyron 's home just before his father and stepmother split, an atmosphere of both angst and anger.

    Ms. TASHA ROBERTSON (Editor, People Magazine): She felt there was tension. When Terri walked into the room, back into the house, the father, he was still continuing the interview, and they really did not speak, and so the reporter could feel that, you know, maybe something, you know, was wrong.

    ALMAGUER: Something was also wrong after the People magazine interview. On Saturday, the day Kaine Horman and his daughter moved out, two 911 calls were made from the Horman home. Although investigators refuse to release details, we now know the first call was for a physical threat, and the second, made hours later, was for a custody issue. Terri Horman , who helped raise Kyron , may not be speaking publicly, but criminal profilers say the new family dynamic speaks volumes.

    Ms. PAT BROWN (Criminal Profiler): Here we see a husband and wife split apart, a man running out the door with the child. He really believes at this point that his wife is involved with the disappearance of his son.

    ALMAGUER: Detectives have never named Terri Horman as a suspect in this case, but investigators put her picture with Kyron 's on a flier distributed to generate new leads. And now it appears a stepmom, who once stood in between Kyron 's biological parents, is now clearly on the outside.

    Ms. ROBERTSON: We believe that her father and her mom, they're at home with her, but -- and some friends will come to see her. But she's pretty much isolated. Her husband has left, she doesn't have her daughter, someone that she loves very much, and she's right now essentially by herself.

    ALMAGUER: Terri Horman may be alone, but this morning, she's in the middle of widespread speculation.

    DavidHouze has represented an NBC basketball player in the past and also taken on previous clients before. And while he's highly regarded in this area, neither he or Terri Horman are speaking this morning.

    Matt: All right. Miguel Almaguer in Portland for us this morning. Miguel , thanks very much. Dan Abrams back now. He's our chief legal analyst. Dan , good morning again.

    LAUER: Hi, Matt.

    Mr. DAN ABRAMS: We should say right off the bat, just because someone hires an attorney, a defense attorney , especially considering she's been asked to take polygraphs, she was the last family member to see this young boy before his disappearance, that's not an admission of guilt.

    LAUER: She should have had a lawyer a long time ago. I mean the fact that she's just getting a lawyer now to me is surprising. Put the fact that she's allegedly taken polygraph tests, the fact that people are talking about her as a possible suspect. Her father's even said he thought there was a 50/50 chance she'd be arrested, of course she needs a lawyer.

    Mr. ABRAMS: Here's one thing that we, you know, we have to talk about. A restraining order against her has been granted in this case.

    LAUER: Yeah.

    Mr. ABRAMS: You don't go to Kmart to get a restraining order , you go to a judge.

    LAUER: Mm-hmm.

    Mr. ABRAMS: So the judge had to have probable cause to issue that.

    LAUER: It means that there's something else out there that we as the public don't know yet, that the husband knows about, that the court knows about. and that's led this court so say not only does she have to stay away from him, but she can't be near their child, as well. And I think that's really important to think about. Although doesn't necessarily mean she'll get arrested in connection with this case, there's something else we don't know.

    Mr. ABRAMS: This young boy , Kyron , has been missing for about a month now. So obviously the stress level within that family has got to be huge, as it would be in any family .

    LAUER: Yeah.

    Mr. ABRAMS: So does it strike you, when the person from People magazine , who was in that home couple of days before the divorce filing, says there was obvious tension, should -- are -- is it possible we read too much into that?

    LAUER: Look, we also know there were 911 calls made from the house on Saturday.

    Mr. ABRAMS: Mm-hmm.

    LAUER: A couple days...

    Mr. ABRAMS: So this is a tense situation between a husband and a wife.

    LAUER: That's right . There's no question there's tension in the household. But again, the restraining order , I think, adds something to that. So it's not just husband angry at wife, husband worried about wife, it's literally something where there's a concern for the physical safety of their child.

    Mr. ABRAMS: Right. Again, the division in this family , the unified front has been broken, and whether it's been broken by the police investigators or something else, the investigators now use that to their advantage, don't they?

    LAUER: Oh, no question. And I think that it's likely the investigators are giving the family more or as much information as they're giving back. Because remember, it's the investigators who are going to determine what happened here. The family may have a thought about it, a position on it, a feeling about it, but ultimately the investigators are going to be the one who make the decision, do we move forward with an arrest.

    Mr. ABRAMS: So if, in fact, she has hired, Terri Horman , has hired this prominent defense attorney Stephen Houze , he's a guy on his Web site , I think it says he's a champion of unpopular causes, what does he have to do first in this case?

    LAUER: Well, first of all, it cuts both ways when you hire a high-profile lawyer like that. On the one hand it's someone who knows how to deal with the media attention, etc. On the other hand , you get sort of lumped in with other clients that this person has had. Some of them, as you point out, unpopular. Some of them, Portland Trailblazers , etc. But one of the most important things I think he wants to do is try not to get her vilified in the court of public opinion. So he's going to focus a lot on what information is released, what information isn't released, trying to figure out exactly what the investigators have because he doesn't want to be blindsided on this, but he also wants to make sure that the community doesn't start galvanizing together against her at this early time.

    Mr. ABRAMS: All right, Dan , thanks. As always, appreciate it.



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