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updated 7/1/2010 7:14:13 PM ET 2010-07-01T23:14:13

Harry Potter fans will not rest until they've out-posted every Twitter-based Twi-hard today — just for meanness’ sake and bragging rights.

"Eclipse," the third film in the book-based sparkly vampire series, ain't trending after its first full day of release.

"Expecto Patronum," "Deathly Hallows" and "OTM Harry Potter" topped Twitter’s world trends earlier today (God, I love a nerd war!) as Potter fans all over the planet joined forces to keep anything pro-Twilight out of the top-10 list. But what does it mean?

Acronym "OTM" has multiple representations — on the move, on the mat, etc. — mostly meant to convey superiority. The full trailer for the movie versions of "The Deathly Hallows," the final book in the Potter series, hit the Web earlier this week.

As for "Expecto Patronum," that's the one wizards use to hold back the joy-draining cold things — "Dementors" in the Potter books, mopey vegan vampires (that look exactly like Cedric Diggory — RIP) on Twitter.

By early afternoon on the East Coast, Twitter seemed to tweak its code in an anti-Potter direction. "OTM Harry Potter" vanished from the list. And I’m sorry, but there is just no way "OTM Harry Potter" fell off completely, usurped by "#canadaday." I think we all know better.

The microblogging site fessed up in the past to tweaking its algorithm to rid the trend list of Justin Bieber-related topics. Has Twitter inadvertently revealed itself to be a Twi-hard? Twi-tter? Technotica placed calls and awaits an answer.

Until then, check for yourself. A click on any of the trending Potter topics reveals tweet after cut-and-paste tweet that reads "Expecto Patronum + OTM Harry Potter + Deathly Hallows + Azkaban = #EclipseFail." While two of the terms in that wizarding equation continue to trend and "OTM Harry Potter" is gone, "#EclipseFail" isn’t there at all.

Meanwhile, as the afternoon wore on, Colby Armstrong, some sort of athletic-type Canadian who plays Canada’s answer to Quidditch or something, inserted himself between "Expecto Patronum" and "Deathly Hallows" to occupy second place on Twitter’s trend list. What’s more, #canadaday still floats around the bottom of the list. Before it’s all over, we may very well learn this is Canada’s dark-horse attempt to rid Twitter of all nerd wars forever.

If that’s the case, look in the mirror, Canada. Look in the mirror.

Ree Hines, Esq., Harry Potterologist and Master of Snapeology, contributed to this report.

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