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Video: FBI: Man acknowledges Russian espionage ring

  1. Transcript of: FBI: Man acknowledges Russian espionage ring

    ANN CURRY, anchor: Meantime, prosecutors convinced a judge on Thursday to deny bail to more of the suspects in that alleged Russian spy ring they say was operating in the US. And there was also a stunning admission in court. We've got NBC 's chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell now joining us with more on this from Washington . Andrea , tell us more. Good morning.

    ANDREA MITCHELL reporting: Good morning, Ann. A New York judge has released one of the suspected spies on bail, under house arrest and with electronic monitoring . But the judge refused to release a New Jersey couple who are said to be key players in this alleged ring. One of the suspects has acknowledged his connections to Russian intelligence . But the glamorous woman who is getting all that attention, she is not talking. Anna Chapman , always the life of the party , is now in solitary confinement in a Brooklyn jail as new details emerge about the Bond girl in this spy story . Her family name, Kushchenko , and spying may have been the family business . Her former husband Alex told The Daily Telegraph she told him her father was high up in the KGB . Alex Chapman has already been interviewed by MI5 , Britain 's famed spy service. The young couple lived in a fancy London flat, but she enhanced her resume only working briefly for NetJets Europe and Barclays Bank .

    Ms. ANNA CHAPMAN: And then I was also an investment banker.

    MITCHELL: A New York judge denied bail for two other suspects, Richard and Cynthia Murphy , claiming she reported to Moscow on fellow business students at Columbia University and her clients, like New York Democratic fundraiser Alan Patricof , a big Clinton supporter. Patricof says he never discussed politics with the Russian woman, only his personal finances. The judge did set bond for one of the suspects, Spanish language journalist Vicky Pelaez , placing her under house arrest and electronic monitoring , but giving the government time to appeal.

    Mr. CARLOS MORENO (Defense Attorney): We are confident that Vicky Pelaez is innocent of these charges.

    MITCHELL: The man accused of being the ring's paymaster, Christopher Metsos , jumped bail in Cyprus , setting off a frantic manhunt on land and sea. The government argues that all the suspects could be helped by Russian officials and a sophisticated intelligence network in New York City and -- even, if they wanted to jump bail, so that they should be held. But the judge will delay some of the other rulings until next week.

    CURRY: All right, Andrea Mitchell reporting this morning. Andrea , thanks.


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