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Video: Petraeus works to set new tone in Afghanistan

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    >> thanks.

    >>> to richard engel in afghanistan where the new man in charge general david petraeus spoke publically today about how difficult the mission is likely to be and how important it is for u.s. troops and civilians to work together. richard, good evening.

    >> reporter: good evening, lester. today general petraeus tried to set a new tone for relations between the military and civilian leaders here in kabul. relations that were damaged by that " rolling stone " article and comments by general stanley mcchrystal insulting his civilian bosses. absolutely a different message today from general petraeus . he talked of cooperation, speaking at the embassy. the u.s. ambassador here carl eikenberry presented general petraeus with a symbolic pass, an access key to the embassy, and said he was welcome 24/ 7.

    >> this is an effort which we must achieve unity of effort and common purpose.

    >> more fallout from the " rolling stone " article. secretary gates said interactions between journalists and top military commanders would have to be approved by the pentagon. it could limit the amount of access we get here in kabul.

    >> richard engel in afghanistan tonight,


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