Explainer: How readers are keeping their cool

  • As triple-digit temperatures scorched the East Coast, msnbc.com asked readers how they're beating the heat. Scroll down to see where people are finding relief (Spoiler alert: It's not on land), and tell us what you're doing to beat the heat here.

  • Diving in New Jersey

    Submitted by Michael Hyduk

    The water is always delightfully cool below 60 feet!

    -Michael Hyduk, East Windsor, N.J.

  • Outdoor escape in Vermont

    Submitted by Marie Cox
    Water! Quechee Gorge, Vt.

    -Marie Cox, Salem, N.H.

  • Ocean breeze in South Carolina

    Submitted by Lamort DeLioncourt
    Myrtle Beach, S.C. Air temperature: 85 degrees. Oceanfront water temperature: 78 degrees, slight breezes from the northwest at 5-7 mph. Why be anywhere else?

    -Lamort DeLioncourt, Conway, S.C.

  • Pool party in New Jersey

    Submitted by Rich Crockett
    Sky Crockett of Hamilton Twp., N.J., cooling off in his pool. Temps reached the triple digits. Photo taken by his brother Ry.

    -Rich Crockett, Hamilton Twp., N.J.

  • Boating in Maine

    Submitted by David Jones
    We spent the day on the boat and swimming to avoid the heat in Saco and Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

    -David Jones, Kennebunk, Maine


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