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Andy Warhol self-portrait to be sold in NYC

A 1986 self-portrait by Andy Warhol that was among the last of his paintings to be exhibited while he was alive is heading for the auction block, where it is estimated to sell for up to $40 million. Full story

Rare pink diamond expected to fetch $12 million

   The 10 carat stone will hit the auction block at Christie's in New York City.'s Dara Brown reports.

Liz Taylor jewelry may sell for $150M

   Christie's Auction House said it reached an agreement to auction off Liz Taylor's prized jewelry collection, which is estimated to be worth $150 million. CNBC's Melissa Francis reports.

Christie's to auction Liz Taylor jewelry, art

Christie's auction house says it has reached an agreement with Elizabeth Taylor's family to sell her prized jewelry collection, as well as some of her art, clothing and other memorabilia. Full story

Horse portrait could fetch $33 million at auction

Christie's auction house says it is selling a masterpiece by equestrian painter George Stubbs valued at more than 20 million pounds ($33 million). Full story

Lichtenstein work, won for $10, could fetch $1M

The invitation to a 1960s "happening" was intriguing: Pay $10 to enter a lottery for the chance to get a key to a Penn Station locker containing artwork. Full story

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Christie's to sell giant pearl

Budget officer: Revenue on track with projections

Report criticizes Christie's U.S. attorney travel

Roman helmet found in UK sells for $3.6 million

Ancient Roman helmet to be auctioned


  Wild About Warhol

A peek at the rare self-portrait of Andy Warhol, with Amy Cappellazzo, Christie's Americas deputy chairman.

  Warhol portrait set for auction

A portrait of actress Elizabeth Taylor that was painted by Andy Warhol is expected to fetch top dollar at a Christie's auction in London.'s Dara Brown reports.

  Spring Art Auction Boom

Tracking a huge rebound in the art world, with Marc Porter, Christie's Americas chairman.

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One Of The Most Valuable Old Masters Ever Offered At Auction Is Displayed At Christies
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