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Fed board questions Gulf fail-safe device's design

A senior official for the maker of the blowout preventer that failed to stop last year's Gulf oil spill said Friday the device hadn't been tested to see if it could cut through a bent drill pipe. Full story

BP official pressed at Gulf oil spill hearing

A BP official was questioned at length Thursday about the roles and responsibilities of personnel aboard an oil rig that exploded last April in the Gulf of Mexico. Full story

Tests performed on Gulf fail-safe device defended

An investigator who examined the safety device that failed to prevent last year's BP oil spill said Monday his firm did not skip critical tests under pressure to meet a deadline to file a report on what caused the contraption not to work. Full story

U.S. oil-spill panel focuses on blowout preventer

An off-center drilling pipe in BP's doomed Macondo well disabled a blowout-preventer and prevented the fail-safe device from operating, a technical expert told a U.S. government panel on Monday. Full story

Complacency overcoming safety on new drilling permits?

   Bob Cavnar, oil and gas industry veteran and author of "Disaster on the Horizon," talks with Rachel Maddow about the lessons not learned from the Deepwater Horizon disaster as new deepwater drilling permits are being issued.

Dubious assurances on deepwater drilling safety

   Rachel Maddow follows up on an exclusive TRMS Investigates report on the flaws inherent in the oil rig blowout peventers like the one that failed in the Deepwater Horizon.

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Design flaw, stuck pipe tied to BP disaster

Key spill evidence compromised by BP partners?

Key BP spill evidence at risk, rig owner says

White House edits stain its reliance on science

Delays prevent testing of failed blowout preventer

BP blowout preventer brought aboard vessel

Key evidence pulled from BP spill site

Temporary cap that stopped oil leak removed

Key device in BP disaster wasn't recertified

Oil spill investigators focus on communication


  Blowout preventer may hold answer to BP spill

The five-story metal mass failed to stop a giant surge of oil and gas that ignited the Deepwater Horizon rig and coated parts of the Gulf in crude for months. As NBC’s Anne Thompson reports, officials are trying to figure out why this supposedly fail-safe device failed so badly.

  Officials to probe BP blowout preventer’s failure

The 5-story-tall, 300-ton piece of machinery that should have stopped the largest oil spill in U.S. history will be transported to a NASA facility where engineers will try to piece together why it didn’t seal the well. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.

  Blowout preventer removed from BP spill site

A new blowout preventer will be placed on the now-plugged well-head on BP's busted Gulf oil rig as the old one is examined to determine what went wrong. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

  BP takes another shot at plugging the hole

Rachel Maddow delivers the latest news on whether the "top kill" procedure will be successful in stopping the free flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. NBC News chief environmental correspondent Anne Thompson joins to talk about the risks and other options BP could pursue should the top kill fail.

  How effective is ‘top kill?’

Playbook: Bill Nye, “The Science Guy,” explains the latest technique BP is using to plug the oil spill.

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The damaged blowout preventer from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig is extracted by the Q4000 vessel from the Gulf of Mexico
The damaged blowout preventer from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig is extracted by the Q4000 vessel from the Gulf of Mexico

The damaged blowout preventer from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig is extracted by the Q4000 vessel from the Gulf of Mexico in this handout photograph taken on September 4, 2010 and released on September 5. The preventer, which was removed and replaced on the well head by a newly tested preventer, wil