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Cause Celeb highlights a celebrity’s work on behalf of a specific cause. This week, we speak with musician Murray Gold about his involvement with different charities on both a local and national level. Gold is the musical composer of the BBC America show “Doctor Who.” He has also composed music for films such as “Beautiful Creatures” and “Death at a Funeral.”

Gold, a native of Portsmouth, England, is a member of two charities, New York Cares and the Fisher House Foundation. New York Cares mobilizes volunteers to support thousands of nonprofit agencies, public schools and other organizations. Gold volunteers to help underprivileged students study for their SATs. Fisher House Foundation provides “a home away from home” for soldiers. Gold says his support of the foundation is a way to give back to those who serve their country. President Barack Obama donated $250,000 of his Nobel Peace Prize award to the foundation.

Question: So tell me about the charities that are important to you and why.

Gold: I guess here in America, there are two charities. One is New York Cares, which does a huge variety of different projects like educating children, helping people get back in the job market, preparing for interviews, looking after elderly people, social events for the disadvantaged, and it’s all within the city that I love, which makes it appealing to work for. I think it just does great work.

The other is the Fisher House Foundation, which looks after soldiers and their families when they return back to America. I feel strongly that whatever anybody thinks about fighting and war, we owe a debt to the people who had to make sacrifices for this country and we should show our gratitude. These people should not come home and suffer. This country owes them a debt and I think people should do anything they can to make sure they have good, fulfilled lives when they are back home.

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Q: Is there any particular reason why these two charities are important to you?

Gold: You have to pick and choose on so many things because there is much wrong with the world. There is so much good stuff that gets done. New York Cares on a local level and Fisher House Foundation on a national level.

I studied history at university and I’ve always felt that the 20th century was a mess. The American military delivered Europe from some terrible, terrible situations, which we, in Europe, made for ourselves. We are also now in a historical time where the American military has been called upon for various different services. I think my life is very nice. A lot of people here [America] are living very nice lives, while other people are basically up to their neck in trouble. That goes through my mind every day.

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Q: What do you do to support these charities?

Gold: In the case of New York Cares I am a volunteer. I am just about to go into training, actually. You know, the funny thing is I am going into training to teach high school kids who are struggling with their SATs. I never did the SATs myself. Hence, the extra training. I mean that’s the main thing I do. There are a whole variety of other things that I am going to get involved with.

Q: Is there anything else you want to add?

Gold: I think with the Fisher House Foundation, that’s something that needs donations. You can donate online. With New York Cares, you can just go to the New York Cares website and sign up for orientation and that’s really easy if you happen to live in the New York area and its really fun and its actually a really good way to meet cool people as well. 

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