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Pa. gay couple marries as county defies state ban

Five same-sex couples obtained marriage licenses Wednesday in a suburban Philadelphia county defying a state ban on such unions, but the governor's spokesman said the local officials lack the power to suspend state law.Full story

Why don’t Republicans love Tom Corbett?

Republican Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania may turn out to be a one-term governor...thanks to his own party. Watch the panel discuss why he's in trouble. Full story

Penn. Gov. Tom Corbett not even very popular in his own party

  The National Journal reported this week that state Republicans in Pennsylvania are "looking to push out their Governor" after his first term, possibly not even giving him a chance in a re-election fight next year. Steve Kornacki’s panelists discuss.

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Pa. Lottery hits sales, profits records amid fight

Same-sex marriage ban ‘wholly unconstitutional,’ Pa. attorney general says

Pa. gov OKs bill strengthening gas driller rights

Pa. House GOP moves to kill Medicaid provision

Pennsylvania lawmakers pass budget but not pension reform

Tough races ahead for GOP governors

Pennsylvania’s first female governor? Rep. Schwartz may make history

Pension reform, layoffs in Pennsylvania proposed budget

Pennsylvania names special prosecutor to review Sandusky scandal

Playing politics? PA governor sues NCAA for Penn State sanctions


  PA GOP leader admits Voter ID is for Democratic vote suppression

Rachel Maddow shares video of Pennsylvania Republican Party chairman, Rob Gleason, boasting about the effectiveness of voter I.D. at reducing the margin of victory for President Obama in that state in the 2012 election.

  Pennsylvania Governor bucks Medicaid expansion

Gov. Tom Corbett opposes the expansion of Medicaid in his state, joining 20 other states who are rejecting federal money that would be used to provide health insurance to low income people. Chris Hayes talks to Nicole Lamoreaux of the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics about health

  Pretenders: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett says he needs some help finding Latino staff members. We think another former Republican governor can help this pretender out. Ed Schultz has the details.

  Pennsylvania's Shale Play

Gov. Tom Corbett (R-PA) and Austan Goolsbee, Chicago Booth School of Business, discuss the energy boom and the economic recovery in the U.S.

  IRS Official Invokes 5th Amendment

IRS director of tax exempt organizations Lois Lerner invoked her 5th Amendment rights and was dismissed from the hearing today. Gov. Tom Corbett (R-PA); Joseph diGenova, Former U.S. Attorney; and Austan Gooslbee, Chicago Booth School of Business, discu...

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Penn. Governor Tom Corbett addresses a breakfast meeting
Penn. Governor Tom Corbett addresses a breakfast meeting

Penn. Governor Tom Corbett addresses a breakfast meeting of his state's RNC delegation in Tampa, Fla., Aug. 27, 2012.