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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul address a tea party rally in Shepherdsville, Ky., in July.  Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has joined with Paul to raise campaign funds for the Kentucky Tea Party Candidate.
updated 7/26/2010 3:13:32 PM ET 2010-07-26T19:13:32

A Kentucky Democrat running for U.S. Senate says former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is tarnishing his family legacy by appearing at a fundraiser on behalf of Republican Rand Paul.

Bush is set to attend a fundraiser for Paul's U.S. Senate campaign in Louisville on Monday, the 20th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Jack Conway says Bush is helping a candidate that doesn't fully support the act, which was signed into law by Bush's father, former Republican President George H.W. Bush.

Bush, the son of one former Republican president and brother of another, is scheduled to attend a private, $1,000-per-person fundraiser for Paul on Monday evening in Louisville.

Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton said Conway is distorting Paul's position on the act. Paul said earlier this year that he doesn't want to repeal the law, but that it can create hardships for small businesses forced to install elevators.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee held a Washington fundraiser for Paul in June, with numerous Republican senators attending.

Paul is running against Conway, the Kentucky attorney general, to replace retiring Republican Sen. Jim Bunning.

A call to Jeb Bush's Miami office wasn't immediately returned.

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Video: Bush unites behind Rand Paul

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    >>> be making headlines in the next 24 hours ? here's chris cillizza , author of the fix blog and i think you're looking at the bluegrass state?

    >> i always love to cast my vote to kentucky . the brother of the former president of the united states will be in kentucky for rand paul . remember that rand paul was elected against the establishment, won that primary in may, despite the fact that mi mitch mcconnell really ran against politics as usual. but it goes to show you this jeb bush fund-raiser, people are coalescing around rand paul because he's their nominee. these are the things that happen, all of a sudden everybody comes together because we're getting closer to november.

    >> what does this tell you about jeb bush , that he's willing to stick his neck out for rand paul .

    >> whenever you talk about who might run for president, is first question is about sarah palin and the second question is usually about jeb bush . i think he is still interested in public life , he's still policy focused with education since leaving the governor's office. going to kentucky for rand paul . i don't think 2012 is in the cards for him, but i also don't think we have seen the last of jeb bush in public life , whether that's running for president or something else. we'll probably be talking a lot more about him on your show in the future.

    >> a lot of people within the bush circle always thought that he should be running and if he could have changed his name after the eight years and the political troubles of his brother that he in fact would have been a viable candidate. so i think that's very present of you, mr. cillizza. and that does it for us, for this edition of "andrea


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