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Rate on 30-year fixed mortgage fell to 4.78 pct.

Fixed mortgage rates dipped this week, with the rate on the 30-year loan staying under 5 percent and the 15-year loan falling below 4 percent. Full story

Corning 1Q earns slip, revenue surges

Specialty glass maker Corning Inc. said Wednesday its first-quarter profit fell 8 percent, largely because of a higher tax rate. But its revenue surged 24 percent on robust sales of glass for flat-screen televisions, computers and mobile devices. Full story

Nixon signs repeal of Missouri franchise tax

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed legislation Tuesday that will gradually repeal a tax on some Missouri businesses. Full story

Norquist talks debt fight

   Msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell talks to Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, about balancing the budget and his public dispute with Sen. Coburn.

Showdown over spending: Room for compromise?

   Republicans on Capitol Hill vow to hold up a vote to raise the debt ceiling unless they get concessions from Democrats on spending, while the administration warns of an economic catastrophe if the debt ceiling isn't raised. Will there be a deal? Two members of the "Gang of Six" negotiations, Sens. K

Rate on 30-year mortgage falls to 4.80 pct.

The rate on the 30-year mortgage fell last week, staying below 5 percent. But low rates have done little to lift the struggling housing market. Full story

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ND lawmakers settle on 2 percent potash tax

Super-rich have seen their tax liability tumble

Are U.S. companies really drowning in taxes?

Super rich see federal taxes drop dramatically

Rate on 30-year fixed mortgage rises to 4.91 pct.

ND lawmakers poised to cut gambling taxes

Factbox: Comparing Obama, Ryan budget plans

'Yes Men' claim hoax GE tax press release

EU plans radical overhaul of fuel taxes

Rate on 30-year fixed mortgage rises to 4.87 pct.


  Obama takes tax hike plan to public

President Obama says return to Clinton-era tax rates would help reign in the deficit. NBC's Steve Handelsman reports.