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  Toyota’s recall frees jailed Minn. man

Freedom for Hmong man convicted in Toyota crash

A Hmong immigrant who spent more than 2½ years in prison for a fatal Toyota crash walked free Thursday, after a judge ordered a new trial and a prosecutor said she wouldn't prolong the case reopened in the wake of the carmaker's widely publicized sudden acceleration problems. Full story

Minn. lawyer defends handling of Toyota crash case

A Minnesota man seeking a new trial in a fatal crash involving a Toyota might have been acquitted if his trial lawyer had properly investigated the crash and offered evidence to show his client tried to stop the car, a legal expert testified Wednesday. Full story

Expert disputes trial testimony about Toyota crash

A defense expert testifying at a hearing to determine whether a Minnesota man will get a new trial after a fatal crash says the man's Toyota had an antilock brake system and would not have left skid marks. Full story

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Toyota revelations may free jailed driver

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