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Former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon, the newly nominated Republican Senate candidate in Connecticut, said Wednesday she's ready to spend whatever it takes to beat Democrat Richard Blumenthal.

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Appearing on a network news program, McMahon brushed off accusations she made millions by promoting an industry allegedly rife with violence and steroid abuse.

Asked about this on ABC's "Good Morning America," McMahon said the entertainment model "will continue to evolve." She has said she plans to spend up to $50 million of her own money in the fall, telling the network: "It's money I've earned. It's money I'm willing to invest."

McMahon warned Democrats that a negative campaign against her could backfire.

Meanwhile, the Blumenthal campaign announced Wednesday that it will begin airing its first television ad of the general election. The ad, entitled "Stand Up", is a 30-second spot that was to begin airing Wednesday morning on statewide television.

"There is a clear choice in this election, and this ad reinforces that Dick Blumenthal is the only candidate in this race with a record of fighting for the people of Connecticut and standing up to the special interests," said Mindy Myers, campaign manager for the attorney general.

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Video: Linda McMahon on primary win

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    >>> our opponent says she'll spend $50 million. we'll be outspent, but we won't be outworked. the people of connecticut want an election, not an auction.

    >> well, that's richard blumenthal not wasting any time kicking off the battle for the senate seat in connecticut .

    >> his opponent is linda mcmahon who won in the republican primary last night. she joins us right now. good morning, thank you for being with us.

    >> good morning, thank you for having me.

    >> well, let's start with where your opponent richard blumenthal started, with the fact that you are facing millions in the seat. he says you are turning it into an auction. what's your response to that criticism?

    >> well, i'm certainly spending money that i have earned in this race. i'm investing in myself to be a public servant for the people of connecticut . i will continue to have the same kind of campaign that i've had since i got into this race last september, which is a good, strong campaign that includes more than anything a real grassroots effort to get out and meet the people of connecticut . i have done over 660 events since i got in to this race. i have talked to the people, but i have listened to the people of connecticut and what is on their minds and concerns them and i connect with them. my easz message is certainly resonating.

    >> i have seen quite a few interviews where you seem chas per rated that people keep questioning you about your time running the wwe almost saying, hey, that's in the past. i'm a senate candidate now. but isn't your main qualification as far as the voters are concerned your time running this business, that is the wwe?

    >> certainly that is my main qualification. the main qualification of taking a small company and building it from a private company to a company that is right on the new york stock exchange , building a global brand, being the ceo of a company that really started in connecticut with two people sharing a desk and now employees on are near 600 people. i am negotiating and knowing how to drive con census when i need to. i think the wwe has well prepared for more of the roles in the senate.

    >> there's been criticism about the content of the entertainment. the democratic national committee perhaps not surprisingly had a particularly tough statement yesterday saying, quote, today the party of bob dole , jack kemp and dig lugar nominated a candidate who kicks men in the coach, thanks of scenes of necrophilia as interfeignment and runs an operation where women are forced to bark like dogs. this is what has become of the once grand old party. what about the concerns of taste and judgment? you presided over the wwe and this was part of its entertainment.

    >> well, wwe's content has evolved over the last 20 years from tv 14 when it was on pretty much late night television to now tv pg , which is rated by the networks. there are some segments of over tens of thousands of hours that have been produced that i think push the envelope and were over the top . but i'm certainly pleased today of where the programming is with tv-pg, and it will continue to evolve. 16 million people every week tune in to wwe programming here in the united states , and it is entertaining millions of people worldwide.

    >> and we should say as a caveat on some nbc universal properties. now, i want to talk to you about your republican primary , about half of the republican voters in connecticut did not vote for you. number one, have you reached out to congressman simmons? and has he pledged support to you, number one. and number two, are you concerned that some republicans are not ready to rally around you and that could hold you back from being competitive in the fall?

    >> both -- excuse me, both rob simmons and peter shift did call last night. we had good conversation. you know what, i am finding when i talk to voters --

    >> did congressman shift endorse you? did he pledge support for you yet?

    >> he said it was very important that we won in november. he would look forward to making sure that happened. what i'm finding when i talk to the people of connecticut , i'm not only winning over independents and republicans, but i also have democrats who are telling me that they have been life-long democrats and have never voted for a republican, but they are going to vote for me. so that's really bow weeing to me and my campaign.

    >> linda mcmahon was the victor in the republican campaign last


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