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America Now: Faces Against Violence

Chicago's South and West Sides have become ground zero for an all-American problem: Kids killing kids. NBC's Lester Holt is joined by award-winning filmmakers Brent and Craig Renaud on a tour through Chicago's toughest streets, where children grow up quickly and often die too soon.

  Mothers Opposed to Violence Everywhere
  Chicago crime wave targets children
Lester Holt blogs: 'Hard to explain'

Friends and Neighbors

America Now: Friends and Neighbors

How do you choose between paying your bills and feeding your kids? Ann Curry travels to the heart of America, where the need is especially urgent and the stories especially poignant. She brings us a personal look inside the lives of those who've lost it all —  jobs, homes, dreams.

Video: Friends and Neighbors

  NBC's Ann Curry travels to Ohio to take a personal look inside the lives of families who have lost jobs, homes and dreams.

  Slideshow: The recession's unseen victims
Read Ann Curry's Inside Dateline blog post.

Children on the Harvest

America Now: Children of the Harvest

A summer road trip through America—not a vacation, but a hard journey to America's farms. Dennis Murphy goes on the road with families picking food for America's tables, and goes into fields with little children learning a tough lesson.

Dateline presents 'Children of the Harvest'

Video: Children of the Harvest

  For thousands of children in America,  summer means hard labor in the hot sun. They're migrant laborers working alongside their struggling parents on America's farms. Dateline took its cameras and found a story of hardship, perserverence, and love.

  Archive — 1970 White Paper: The Migrants
  Archive — 1980 White Paper: The Migrants
  Archive — 1998 Dateline NBC: Children of the Harvest

Previous episodes
America Now: City of Heartbreak and Hope

Detroit is a shell of its former self. One third of the people live in poverty. Almost half the adults are illiterate, and about 75 percent of kids drop out of school. Dateline NBC's Chris Hansen returns to his hometown to check on the city's plans for its future.

  Video: Artists transform Detroit neighborhood
America Now: A Circle of Hands

Like the rest of the country, Grafton, Wisc. was hit hard by the recession. Despite their own troubles, the people in this small blue collar town north of Milwaukee came together to give hope to an extraordinary family: Karen Longoria and her children, two of whom who have special needs.

  Video: A Circle of Hands