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Video: Adm. Allen, where did the oil go?

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    >>> throughout this whole thing, i feel, a lot of people feel down here that bp was dictating to the united states government what to do. bp dictate to the faa who could fly over the site and they dictated to the coast guard and thad allen which boats can come and go and bp dictated to the epa , the epa sent a letter to bp saying we have serious concerns about your -- they say we're going to use it any way. so the bp has been running things.

    >> i will have to ask thad allen about that. right! okay! stong words from spike lee earlier this week. joining us is thad allen . he is here with overnight gops developments on the effort to kill the well. let's first, you heard spike lee .

    >> let's do the big news first and then get to spike.

    >> i'd like to hear his response of that, a little lashing out there, thad. what is the news overnight, sir, with bp ?

    >> we've been working a week and a half with bp on a way forward and i have been equivocating on the time line for a good reason because we needed to take concrete steps to kill this will. starting today we flushed the oil completely of all materials. brought it to the surface and stored it and filled it with satisfy water and do an ambient pressure test. we will see if there are any pressure leaks. is first step. then see if we can get a hold of the drill pipe and pull it out there so obstruction and put a blowout on before we do the bottom kill.

    >> how long has it been since oil has actually been leaking out of there?

    >> we stopped on the 15th of july.

    >> and this is just basically sealing the deal some.

    >> we're making sure that we put a stake in the heart of this monster.

    >> it has been a monster. you know the gulf coast very well, as do i. it ended up in pensacola . we had a few tar balls for a couple of days but, for the most part, it's kind of like one of those monstrous hurricanes that never hit shore. of course, there is environmental damage in the gulf. i'm not downplaying it at all. but in pensacola in florida we kept waiting for oil to lap up on the beach and it never came. what happened?

    >> well, that was what was kind of maddening about this whole thing. we were holding the whole gulf hossage for a while because a hundred thousand patches of oil. so you had to be prepared from port st. joe to south central louisiana which we were at one point. we had over 47,000 people. the most massive response to an oil spill in this country's history. based on wind and current and it could come back again and you had to fight it. it would squirmish.

    >> is the gulf just so huge and monstrous that it took the oil and pushed it this way and that way and disbursed it? what happened? i guess my question, where did the oil go?

    >> i think the answer is to some extent we're not sure but we know certain things. i like to start with the flow rate. that was a problem from the beginning. remember the 1,000, 5,000, 23,000? we now know based on a team we put together of separate emissions and government scientists that it's 5,000 barrels a day plus or minus 10% and gives you 4.9 million barrels. the next question is where did it go? we know to a virtual certainty we produced 827,000 barrels and brought it to the surface. we know what we skimmed and burned and know what evaporated by scientific calculations and data.

    >> right.

    >> when you add that together, it leaves 26%.

    >> right.

    >> that had to be dealt with. for every gallon that came up 26% of that wasn't accounted for and that is that ma model is intended to talk about.

    >> i remember seeing in "the new york times" a week or two ago, they had six pictures, the maps of where the oil disbursed. we were concerned in pensacola our beaches were going to be covered with oil for years. you just saw it, of course, in louisiana getting hammered but it disbursed and by the sixth new york time frame there were little dots out in the gulf.

    >> how do you deal with the psychology? the look at this poll in terms of how people are viewing this cries at this point. 55% think the beaches are unsafe to swim and 54% don't trust gulf seafood. does not reflect realty?

    >> there are issues have been open for fishing. seafood coming out of the gulf is probably tested than any seafood exported from the united states either externally or internally. it goes through a three-step process and fda and noaa is involved in. any seafood coming out of gulf is safe, no doubt about it.

    >> what about the sgersants dispersants? we have been concerned about that. the white house had a directive eight when 800,000 gallons had been dumped into the gulf to use it sparingly, but we heard, i guess, a couple of weeks ago that every day you overrode that order because you thought it was important to put those dispersants in there. how many gallons have we put into the gulf of these chem kaz?

    >> over a million and a legitimate point.

    >> why, if barack obama is saying i'm very concerned about this, we need to hold back on these sgursants dispersants what did you find compelling to overrule that every day.

    >> a great discussion. after the " exxon valdez " law was passed and regulations written that allowed dispersants was something of certain protocols being met. they were met and used early on. we found out we were using them in volumes never used before. on the 25th of may we struck an agreement with epa would would reduce the involvement of dispersants by 75%. when we capped the well on 15 july we reduced them 72% and reserved the right when we had oil we couldn't skim or burn and use dispersants if we had to it. it happened a number of times but overall we were on the path to meet the agreement we made with epa . i talked daily with lisa jackson on this every day.

    >> spike lee was quite critical of you and others for letting bp lead the way basically on all of this. what is your response to spike lee 's comments?

    >> i've actually talked with spike about this. anybody who knows me knows i have never taken an order from bp .

    >> that is the bottom line ?

    >> that's the bottom line .

    >> look at him!

    >> do you think he takes an order from bp , joe?

    >> let's get a close-up of his face. no.

    >> listen, i know it has been a hell of a summer for you. we're not going to say good luck on getting your life back.

    >> i wouldn't say that.

    >> let's just say this. as a guy that has lived on the gulf coast and seen, unfortunately, a lot of damage done to our economy, it could have been a lot worse and good luck moving forward and congratulations.

    >> thank you for your service.

    >> on finally getting that thing


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