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Video: Three storms swirl in the Atlantic

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    >>> storms that are lurking in the atlantic including danielle which became the first major hurricane of the season overnight and al is keeping a close watch on those storms. he's in the new orleans frieench quarter with more on this. hey, al, good morning.

    >>> good morning to you, ann. danielle a category 4 storm. let's take a look at the latest on what danielle is doing. as we said category 4 storm. we have a triple threat here. we've got danielle , then behind it tropical storm earl , a wave coming off the african coast that could become fiona and then another wave hyped that, you can't see on the satellite. first danielle , southeast of bermuda. 135-mile-per-hour winds, a category 4 storm and the path of the storm is going to bring it thankfully to the east of bermuda because this is a powerful, powerful storm. now we also have earl to worry about. tropical storm earl . right now the minimal tropical storm , 1,400 miles east of the northern leeward islands . its winds at 45 miles per hour. the path of this storm a little more problematic as we keep an eye on that. it stays fairly westward. it takes a while before it makes a northwesterly turn some time early wednesday morning and does it affect the east coast ? we'll see. the possibility of fiona south-southeast of the cape verde islands . just coming off the coast of africa there another wave. so it's now -- we're coming into the heart and the meat of the hurricane season . ann?

    >> al, thank you so much.

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