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Fried food fans looking to feast at this year's State Fair of Texas will have to bring an ID along with their appetite.

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Fair officials unveiled eight finalists in the Big Tex Choice Awards, including alcohol-laced fried goodies, Wednesday. Vendors at the fair that runs Sept. 24 through Oct. 17 are seeking honors for best taste and most creative new offerings.

Fair spokeswoman Sue Gooding says those hoping to try the beer-filled pretzel pockets and deep-fried frozen margaritas will have to prove they are at least 21.

The other six finalists to be judged by members of the media Sept. 6 include a deep fried s'mores Pop-Tart, fried club salad, fried chocolate, fried lemonade, fried caviar that features black-eyed peas, and a fried Frito pie, with chili and corn chips.

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