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Video: Worldwide help for trapped miners

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    >>> video shows the men in relatively good health and spirits as the time under ground they are shifting onto the mental health t could be 90 days before the escape tunnel is finished and how will they keep them healthy. let's turn to angie . with a good morning to you, let's get the latest there. what do they know about the state of the miners?

    >> reporter: as they prepare to start drilling, the rescue chimney from the top of that mountain, we find out five of the 33 trapped miners are struggling mentally. health officials say they are suffering from depression. they are not eating and not participating with the rest of the group. psychologists said yesterday if they are treating them from the surface and are considering giving some type of medication. yesterday as you saw -- as probably you saw the video, there was video from underground. we saw the miners, how they ate. we saw the miners playing dominos and cards and singing the national anthem . also they sent love messages to the relatives. but some of the relatives here who have been camping for the last three weeks are very concerned because some of the men look very thin.

    >> you can understand. angie , i can't even imagine being underground like that, the sense of clause trow phobia that can join in. the difference between day and night . how will they be able to change that? any way to get lights down there to simulate day late versus night time ?

    >> reporter: no, right now what they are using is the head lamps and the way they are keeping them motivated is by communication. we understand that yesterday their families recorded video messages and they are sending those to them. they are writing letters back and forth. but that's the big problem. the health risks are immensely.

    >> i understand they are going to try to get some kind of blood and urine samples and have a small makeshift lab to help keep track of how they are doing?

    >> reporter: that's right, one of miners involved a paramedic, they are planning to send him a tool kit -- a kit so he can measure the blood and can get all of that type of information from them. and then sending them back up so they can study their blood and how they are doing physically.

    >> this is a story --

    >> reporter: an amazing task.

    >> it is a story that is cap vating the world as we watch and wait for these men. angie , thanks so much for the live report.

    >> reporter: it is my pleasure.

    >>> moving to 100 years after


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