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Gypsies take refuge in ancient Rome church

Some 150 Gypsies whose camp was dismantled have taken refuge in one of Rome's most ancient basilicas, creating a standoff Saturday with city officials trying to get them out.Full story

EU's Kosovo official urges integration of Gypsies

Rights group tells Serbia to stop evicting Roma

Far-right in Hungary renews anti-Gypsy campaign

Roma in Hungary leave town to escape vigilantes

Police detained several members of a far-right vigilante group Friday after hundreds of frightened Roma women and children were bused out of a village where it was planning to train. Full story

Poll: Many Romanian teens rampantly intolerant

Teenagers in Romania are widely intolerant of Gypsies, gays and people with AIDS, according to a new poll that called the results "extremely worrisome." Full story

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Trial in Hungary for serial murders of Gypsies

Roma survivor cites "forgotten Holocaust"

10-year-old mom's living conditions inspected

28 Roma children rescued in London police raids

EU tries to tackle illegal immigration

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A Roma handicraft man blows a torch as he works on a silver ring at a traditional products fair during the celebration of Roma Day in Bucharest April 8, 2011. At the fair Roma people will be able to obtain information from representatives of Roma NGOs on school enrollment, about affirmative action a

** ADVANCE FOR USE SUNDAY, DEC. 12, 2010 AND THEREAFTER ** In this Nov. 25, 2010 picture, Narcisa Tranca, 22, top, poses with her sister Claudia, 18, left, and two of her children in Udupu, Romania. Among Gypsies, or Roma, marrying young is a tradition born of the need to survive in an environment w