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Neb. quarantines 3 flocks of birds because of flu

State Agriculture officials plan to slaughter three quarantined flocks of birds in southeast Nebraska to prevent the spread of avian flu. Full story

Avian flu found at SW Missouri poultry farm

State agriculture officials have quarantined a poultry farm in southwest Missouri after a case of Avian flu was found. Full story

Growing number of farm animals spawn new diseases

A growing number of livestock, such as cows and pigs, are fueling new animal epidemics worldwide and posing more severe problems in developing countries as it threatens their food security, according to a report released on Friday. Full story

Migration may animals help fend off disease

Migrations can resemble an extreme endurance sport, in some cases taking animals thousands of miles across continents or oceans to feeding, breeding and overwintering grounds. New research shows these feats may offer a surprising benefit: protection from disease. Full story

Chickens modified to keep from spreading bird flu

British scientists have developed genetically modified (GM) chickens that cannot transmit bird flu infections -- a step that in future could reduce the risk of avian flu spreading and causing deadly epidemics in humans. Full story

Factbox: Scientists make chickens that don't spread bird flu

Scientists have developed genetically modified chickens that cannot spread bird flu. Full story

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Dogs, Rodents May Prevent Future Epidemics

New bird flu shot from cells is 'big leap forward'

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Bird Flu Worries For Tower Of London Ravens
Bird Flu Worries For Tower Of London Ravens

LONDON - FEBRUARY 21: The Tower of London's Yeoman Raven Master, Derrick Coyle stands outside the Tower of London on February 21, 2006 in London, England. The Tower of London has taken precautions to protect the fortress's famous ravens from the Avian Flu that is spreading across Europe and will ke