Video: Huge wildfire forces evacuations in Colorado

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    >>> let's begin with the wild weather out west, we have got wildfires in colorado, also down south, a tropical storm , miguel almaguierre has got the latest.

    >> reporter: firefighters are waiting to assess this situation and see how fast the flames have spread overnight. roughly 3,500 acres have been charred, this fire is still burning out of control, dozens of structures and dozens of houses have gone down in flames, firefighters are actually lost four of their own homes. that number will change as the day goes on. the fire began yesterday afternoon and quickly forced the evacuation of roughly 3,500 residents. the rugged terrain and thick vegetation struggling to get any containment at all. hot shot crews are trying to create fire breaks while other teams are attempting to protect structures and homes. this morning the fire the burning in the foothills about six to seven miles outside of downtown boulder , crews are called this fire extremely complex, not just because of the terrain, but because of the fuel load here is extremely high and the access to the heart of the fire is difficult to get to. crews here believe that this fire may actually be closing in on million dollar homes, there's still no cause of this fire and, matt, fire officials have requested state and federal aid .

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