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Explainer: Keanu Reeves is sad; Don Draper is sadder

  • It's been a busy week or so for A-list actors' Photoshop memes, but if we've learned anything from it, it's this: Sad Keanu Reeves will not go down! Let's bottom-line it for the people who actually work for a living — but still enjoy the the mad Photoshop skillz of all the creative kids who ... you know ... have a lot of time on their hands ... apparently.

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  • And so it begins ...

    This whole thing started in June on Reddit with poignant paparazzi shot of the actor alone on a bench eating a sandwich turned into a template to place him Banff Squirrel-style into a wide range of situations and culminated with the June 15 Internet holiday, "Cheer Up Keanu Day."

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  • Keanu-on-Keanu

    First forecasted as a flash-in-the-pan meme, Sad Keanu Reeves made a comeback in July when a 2005 photo of the actor wearing a helmet and contemplating an Odwalla bottle popped up on Reddit. Soon helmeted Keanu Reeves was seen shooting out of a rocket, riding a bobsled and contemplating a smaller version of himself.

  • Prancing Michael Cera

    As summer started to drift into fall, a new image gained popularity — Prancing Michael Cera. Would he usurp Sad Keanu?

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  • Enter Leo ... strutting

    The Internet quivered with anticipation while another meme made a brief appearance, but not as deep of an impression Strutting Leo DiCaprio! Still, would Sad Keanu Reeves finally fade into the archives like so many memes before him?

  • Birthday surprise!

    No! Serendipity intervened, and as the week began, a brand new paparazzi shot emerged. This one featured Reeves looking scruffy and loitering on the street on his 46th birthday — with only a tiny cupcake at his side to mark the occasion.

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  • Meme attack!

    The Internet exploded — celebrating the occasion by Photoshopping versions of Sad Keanu Reeves with every other meme that would fit.

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  • Oh noes!

    Then out of nowhere — Sad Don Draper!

    via Buzzfeed
  • Smoke gets in his eyes

    Actor Jon Hamm's bawling image from Sunday night's "Mad Men" episode would not be denied. As the week progressed, Sad Don Draper was seen crying over everything from Prohibition to Christina Hendricks' wedding. (That's the lady who plays Joan.)

  • Sad Don Draper denied!

    In the end, Sad Don Draper's grotesque display cannot overshadow the subtle display of Buzzfeed's series of the saddest Keanu Reeves quotes ever overlaying a different, yet equally poignant Keanu Reeves headshot.

    via Buzzfeed
  • Also, this video ...


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