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Prepping kids for school: Solution out of Mississippi?

In the poorest state in the country, Mississippi Building Blocks has helped transform a wildly uneven and scattered network of some 1,685 early childhood centers. Full story

Q&A: How one effort improves school readiness
Obama: GOP is doing 'a lot of teacher-bashing'

The president accuses Mitt Romney of “a lot of teacher bashing” and trying to politicize the recent Chicago teacher strike. Full story

Educare shows promise in prepping kids for school
Image: Teacher Karina Flores discusses book selections with Jinnette Santana and Amy Monroy, right, during a reading workshop at The Learning Community charter school in Central Falls, R.I.
'Risky' charter partnership helps students read

The classroom at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Central Falls, R.I., has one key distinction: It's part of a rare charter school-traditional school partnership. Full story

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Image: Parent Union organizer Doreen Diaz, right, walks with her daughter and other children to the front door of Desert Trails Elementary in Adelanto, Calif., in Feb. 2012.
Washington Post via Getty Images
'Parent trigger' fight: No Hollywood ending in sight

Doreen Diaz left the movie premiere of “Won’t Back Down” in New York feeling encouraged. Then she got home.

'Won't Back Down': Spur for parents' school coups?
A thoughtful dialogue

Education is the key to our future success as a country and the cornerstone of our democracy. Yet, we have allowed our students to fall behind. Read more about the mission statement here.

On Facebook: See how teachers respond to tough questions on education
'Digital toolkits': 10 case studies in innovative solutions