Explainer: 10 over-the-top pet gadgets

  • Image: Dog treadmill
    Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemm

    It's a sad day when you’re jealous of your pet's lifestyle. I mean sure, they get to lounge around all day, but even that would get boring after a while. A real problem arises when they have cooler toys than you do. The following products and gadgets represent the kind of over-the-top frivolity many humans only wish they could indulge in.

  • Puppy Tweets

    Image: Puppy tweets
    Image courtesy of Amazon.com

    Don't have a Twitter account yet? If the answer is “no,” I have some unsettling news. Even your dog beat you to the 21st century. That's right, the Puppy Tweets collar analyzes your dog's movement, then sends one of 500 pre-loaded messages over Wi-Fi to Twitter. For example, if the device believes your dog is licking something, it would respond with the tweet, “Guess what I'm licking right now.” Dogs these days, huh? With their Twitter and their rock music... and they're always on your lawn! $29.97 (Amazon)

  • Cats Attack Scratching Post

    Image: Cat attack
    Image courtest Nerd Approved

    If your cat seems cold and indifferent, that's because it secretly wants to destroy you. In fact, it probably dreams of destroying all humans Godzilla-style. Perhaps you should try and diffuse the rage before it bubbles over with this Cats Attack scratching post. As you can see, it's shaped like a series of buildings, so Fluffy can live out his destructive fantasies. $30 (Giftlab via Nerd Approved)

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  • Automatic Tennis Ball Cannon

    Only a truly lazy person would spend this much time and effort building an automatic tennis ball cannon for their wiener dog (or Dachshund for those that insist on the proper name).

    As you will see in the video, the device is able to sense when the dog places the ball in the chamber, then automatically moves into firing position and shoots off the round for fetching. Obviously, YouTube user “lamgngo” was thinking about long-term laziness with this build.  (YouTube)

  • Litter-Robot

    Image: Litter Robot
    Image courtest Litter Robot

    Nobody likes cleaning out a litter box, and that's where owning a Litter-Robot really pays off. Once your cat exits, the Litter-Robot completes a seven-minute countdown before automatically rotating the sphere and sifting out clumps from the litter inside. The waste is then deposited in a collection bin that can be removed and easily emptied. Think of it like the Death Star with your cat playing the role of Luke. The cat flies in and deposits ordnance into a small hole. Then, all of a sudden, the whole problem disappears. $349 (Litter-Robot)

  • Coffee Table Cat Hammock

    Image: Cat hammock
    Image courtesy Nerd Approved

    Let's face it, you can't set your drink down on a cat. However, you can set your drink down on a coffee table with a cat. More specifically, a coffee table with an integrated cat hammock. There's no doubt about it, cats have quite a racket going on. $2,400 (E&Yvia Nerd Approved)

  • Remote Pet Feeder

    Image: Remote pet feeder
    Image courtesy Smarthome

    There's a fine line between loving your pets and stalking them — this remote pet feeder might cross that line. It feeds your pets automatically based on a pre-set schedule, which is fine, but it goes a step further by allowing you to observe your animals eating via the Internet. You can even have pictures of your pets e-mailed to you wherever and whenever you choose. $224.21 (Smarthome)

  • Dog Shower Stall

    Image: Dog shower
    Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer

    I have often dreamt of owning a shower with multiple nozzles — the kind of shower that's more like a spa massage. Unfortunately, that kind of bliss is wasted on a dog that hates bath time. Nonetheless, if you have the means your pooch can be tortured in a luxurious way with this canine shower stall. It features 16 water-jet nozzles and a handheld, adjustable-flow showerhead inside an enclosed space. $1,250 (Hammacher Schlemmer)

  • Pet Peek

    Image: Pet Peek
    Image courtesy Pet Peek

    There's a whole world outside the backyard fence for curious pets to explore. Like their human counterparts, these journeys must be undertaken with caution. The Pet Peek is basically an acrylic dome that's similar to a submarine porthole. Just cut a hole in your fence, install the dome and your pet will be ready for adventure. $29.98 (Pet Peek)

  • The Canine Treadmill

    Image: Dog treadmill
    Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemm

    I suppose you could walk a dog on a full-sized treadmill, but that's downright uncivilized. Dogs should have their own very tiny and very expensive treadmill so that they can be all gung-ho about losing weight for a week, gradually lose interest, then make excuses about why they can't exercise. About a month out, the treadmill will be moved to the garage in order to eliminate the guilt associated with having it in plain sight. Three sizes are available based on 30-, 60- and 100-pound breeds. $549.95 to $899.95 (Hammacher Schlemmer)

  • Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket

    Image: Pet evacuation jacket
    Image courtedy Japan Trend Shop

    You can never be too prepared, as they say — but you can sure come close. For example, the Pet Evacuation Jacket is designed to be worn by your dog or cat just in case Armageddon breaks out. It's made from the same flame-retardant fabric  firefighters use, plus it features a carrying handle and pockets with emergency tools like a pet bowl, muzzle, sealed odor control bag, protective rain hood, rubber booties, freezer gel packs, a bell and a waterproof ID capsule with blank paper. There are also provisions for humans like sealed water packs, nutrition bars, bandages, aromatic oil (for calming panic), first-aid gloves, a mini radio and an emergency whistle. In other words, you've turned your cat into a tiny survival pack mule. $510 (Japan Trend Shop)

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