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Correction: Delaware-Christine O'Donnell

In an April 22 story about former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell's campaign finance reports, The Associated Press reported erroneously that O'Donnell was not a declared candidate for office in April 2009 and May 2009. O'Donnell filed a statement of candidacy in March 2009. Full story

O'Donnell files amended Delaware Senate campaign report

Christine O'Donnell, the defeated Republican candidate for the Senate in Delaware in 2010 and a Tea Party favorite, has filed amended campaign reporting forms to fix mistakes, her lawyer said on Friday. Full story

Rove offers election advice to Rubio, Christie

   After questioning the electability of Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell last fall, the former Bush aide offers some guidance for Republican favorites Marco Rubio and Chris Christie.

Failed candidate O'Donnell sees conspiracy

   Christine O'Donnell explains to what seems like every news media outlet in the country that the federal investigation into whether she misused campaign funds is an effort to undermine her political viability as a perennial losing Senate candidate and national laughing stock.

Christine O'Donnell Fights Back

   Former Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell faces a federal investigation for allegedly using campaign funds to pay for personal expenses. O'Donnell discusses the situation with CNBC's Larry Kudlow.

‘Psycho Talkers of the Year’: O’Donnell, Bachmann

   Psycho talk: Christine O’Donnell kicks off a look back at the contenders for the top ‘Psycho Talkers of the Year Awards’, including Christine O’Donnell, Bill O’Reilly, and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

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O'Donnell blames disgruntled former aides for probe

O'Donnell: TV station 'forgot' to run ads

Candidates of all stripes seek to label opponents 'extreme'

Christine O'Donnell regrets 'I'm not a witch' ad

O'Donnell questions separation of church, state

Obama to Del. voters: Don't take anything for granted

O'Donnell calls Coons a Marxist in Delaware Senate debate

Despite new fame, O'Donnell faces skepticism

Delaware Senate candidate: 'I'm not a witch'

O'Donnell in '06: China plotting to take over U.S.


  Christine O'Donnell blames conspiracy

Facing a federal investigation into whether she misused campaign funds for personal expenses, former Republican Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell thinks she's being unfairly targeted.

  The consequences for Christine O’Donnell

NBC’s Domenico Montanaro looks at the potential consequences for former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell if she’s found to have violated campaign-finance law.

  O'Donnell makes network rounds to explain $20,000 question

Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart explains whether former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell is doing enough to clear herself in the court of public opinion amid a FEC probe into her use of campaign funds.

  Conspiracy theory

NBC’s Domenico Montanaro looks at the curious case of Christine O’Donnell. Is everyone out to get her? Is it an establishment plot or did she misuse campaign funds.

  Politically meaningless

NBC’s Domenico Montanaro notes that the charges against Christine O’Donnell were known during the campaign, but what’s new is that there’s a federal investigation. But it’s political implications are minimal.Politically meaningless

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