Explainer: 'Taken', but not forgotten

  • The Dateline report "Taken," airs Sept. 17, Friday, 9 p.m./8C on Dateline NBC. The full report will be available online on Monday afternoon.

  • Matt Landry with his girlfriend Francesca Bommarito.  "When he would talk about Francesca, his face would just light up.  It would just light up", says Doreen Landry of her son Matt.

  • Matt Landry as an infant with his parents, Doreen and Bob Landry.

  • Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Matt Landry was a playful kid and Red Wings hockey fan.

  • "Creating music is what he was happiest with", says Bob Landry of his son Matt.

  • "I miss him every time I touch an instrument or listen to our favorite bands", say the close friends and heavy metal band members of Matt Landry

Video: 'Taken', but not forgotten


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