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    >>> so, how about this. a sailor's error. that's a new report about the "titanic" puts the blame for the collision with the notorious iceberg. the helmsman turned the ship the wrong way to avoid hitting the iceberg. by the time he figured out it was wrong, it was too late. jim maceda joins us live from london . could it really be that simple? somebody made a dumb mistake on a new ship?

    >> it sounds too unbelievable to be true, chris. apparently, that is the key secret that has been kept in the family, patton's family all these years. according to her, the author, her grandfather was the only surviving officer on the "titanic "could have avoided the iceberg but when given the order to steer away, the steersmen or helmsmen actually turn under to the threat, into the iceberg. pilots at that time in 1912 , i learned today, are still sailing ships and the steering orders are different and you turn in the opposite direction of which you want to go and people who sail today know that for a fact. pilots in the north atlantic in 1912 were apparently still using those old orders, even though the "titanic" was a cutting edge steam ship , steering like a car. you want to turn left , you go left. under extreme pressure it appears these claims are true. this pilot reverted to his old training, turning the opposite direction and, in this case, turning the wrong way. incredible, but it might be true.

    >> here's the crazy thing, jim. few accidents in the history of the world have been more microanalyzed than the sinking of the "titanic." was this some successful cover up?

    >> i think that's what it looks like, at least according to the granddaughter who is a famous author here in great britain. it was a cover up on the part of her grandfather. never ever revealing in the two major inquiries anything because the grandfather, it turns out, warned was warned that if the truth ever got out the "titanic's" white star line would have gone under, as well, financially. apparently he lied all those years to the ifquiries, not to his families rather than risk thousands of company jobs.

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