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  Birth control concerns

How bad is it really? Health rules you can break

Discover “unhealthy” habits you can (and can’t) get away with. Full story

Debate continues over safety of the Pill

Few pharmacological advances have done as much to reshape the cultural landscape — at least in Europe, Australia, most of the Western Hemisphere and pockets of Asia and Africa — as the birth control pill. Full story

Stroke risk often overlooked in women

Midlife women are twice as likely as men to have a stroke. So why do doctors overlook the danger? What you must know to protect yourself. Full story

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A model wears a birth control patch
A model wears a birth control patch

388988 01: A model wears a birth control patch that may be an alternative to birth control pills it's maker suggests. The patch is worn on the skin and delivers a hormone that produces the same results as the pill, researchers claim. The Food and Drug Administration approved the Ortho-Evra patch fo