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Video: Attacks cap week marked by tension with Pakistan

  1. Transcript of: Attacks cap week marked by tension with Pakistan

    LESTER HOLT, anchor: The fight against the Taliban and al-Qaeda has increasingly carried over from Afghanistan into neighboring Pakistan . The US launched two more drone attacks on targets there today. The attacks capped a week marked by tension with this critical US ally. We're joined now by NBC 's John Yang in the Afghan capital of Kabul with more. Hello, John.

    JOHN YANG reporting: Hello, Lester. No -- there are conflicting reports on the death toll from those drone missile strikes, but local government officials tell NBC News that at least 14 people were killed. This was in north Waziristan , a tribal region of northwest Pakistan where, as those safe havens provide a launching pad for insurgents to launch strikes into Afghanistan . And military action there has been on the rise. Missile attacks in that area are now at record levels. This appears to reflect the US view that, number one, they've got to drive the insurgents out of those safe havens in order to turn things around in Afghanistan , and that the Pakistani military is either unwilling or unable to do the job. That increased military activity has also inflamed anti-Western and anti-US sentiment in Pakistan . Today for the third day a key NATO supply route from Karachi to a Afghan village called Torkham in the Khyber Pass remains blocked by Pakistani officials. There have also been attacks on at least -- more than two dozen NATO fuel trucks headed for Afghanistan . NATO officials say this blockage has so far not had any effect on NATO troops and coalition troops in Afghanistan , and they say that they can -- they can have it closed for some time before there is any effect. But officials are also looking for a way to get

    around that route entirely. Lester: John Yang in Kabul for us tonight, thanks.



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