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Pakistan police seized combat material and equipment stolen from NATO forces in a raid on a house outside Islamabad, police told Dawn media Saturday night.

Four people were arrested during the raid, the second in two days, said Dawn, a Pakistan-based news group.

Police also told Dawn that they were told militants had already purchased a large quantity of material before police got to the house.

The seized items, Dawn said, included armored personnel carriers, helicopter accessories, communications systems, heavy-duty generators, mounts, motors, stretchers, water bags, senior officer bags, shoes, gloves and other items.

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A senior officer told Dawn the Saturday raid was based on information from two buyers and two sellers nabbed in a Friday night raid on another stash house nearby.

Police told Dawn that sometimes entire NATO containers were stolen and sometimes just a few items at a time were taken.

When entire containers were stolen, they were set ablaze after being emptied to make it look like Taliban had attacked, police told Dawn.

More stolen NATO supplies are stashed around Islamabad, Dawn learned from police, who said they were conducting searches to find them.

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