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Video: U.S. travelers cautioned of terror in Europe

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    >>> and more on that alert for americans traveling in europe . jim maceda is here with the latest.

    >> reporter: it's been five years since the last major attack here but american travelers are finding out that terrorism in europe is not history. for americans traveling abroad, europe has suddenly gotten more dangerous.

    >> i'll just keep my eyes open and hopefully things will work out.

    >> we're just going to be a little bit cautious now getting on the train.

    >> reporter: they're worried about the rare travel advisory issued on sunday that americans be on their guard. as european intelligence in recent weeks suggest that terrorists could be preparing a coordinated attack in germany, the uk and elsewhere. but the warning references no specific threat.

    >> i think the draw to come and see beautiful, ancient history is more important than the worry of terrorist threats .

    >> reporter: still much of europe has heightened its terrorist threat level after a convergence of troubling reports. here in great britain, rumor of a so-called mumbai style plot that killed 170 three years ago. in france, rumors that a north african al qaeda affiliate has smuggled a female in. and officials are still assessing the credibility of an afghan man captured by u.s. soldiers in kabul and talk to u.s. agents. this man says that bin laden himself helped finance a terrorism plot against major u.s. cities.

    >> it's very nonspecific, but it's trying to raise awareness of international terrorism that threatens parts of the u.s. as well as western europe .

    >> reporter: for now american europes are staying vij jept. and today police arrested a man at a train center the paris. so far there's no days that he's part of a larger terrorist plot.


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