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A 35-year-old man was charged in Missouri with possessing marijuana after his girlfriend called 911 and said she was tired of him smoking pot all day instead of working.

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Dispatchers in the southwestern Missouri town of Lebanon got a 911 hang-up call Saturday night from a motel room. Police said officers went to the motel and were told by the woman that her boyfriend did nothing during the day but smoke marijuana.

The Lebanon Daily Record reported that the man told police his girlfriend was angry because he didn't have a job yet. He then admitted having marijuana in his car, and handed over a pipe containing the illegal drug.

He was issued a summons for possession and released.

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Video: 911 operators bedeviled by stupid calls

  1. Closed captioning of: 911 operators bedeviled by stupid calls

    >>> as parents, we teach your children to dial 911 in times of trouble. but apparently not all grown ups seem to understand what constitutes an emergency . nbc's michelle kosinski is in florida to explain this to us.

    >> reporter: there might be some lessons to be learned here, and here's broward county florida, their 911 center gets 2.5 million calls every year. by some estimates half of those are not emergencies at all and then there's the percentage of those that simply defy explanation. like you just never know when an emergency will strike.

    >> i want chicken nuggets and they don't have chicken nuggets .

    >> everyone's definition of an emergency is different.

    >> i need a ride. to the liquor store. [ no audio ]

    >> the list goes on.

    >> my toilet's overflowing, what do i do?

    >> i need to know how to make meatballs.

    >> april mcgill has fielded calls you can't even imagine here in broward county for 14 years.

    >> i was like, um.

    >> seven years of which are some degree of this.

    >> she's spitting in my ear.

    >> she's trying to force me to eat something that the i don't want.

    >> and this is what happened.

    >> what are some definite no, nos, like if it involves your toilet?

    >> your toilet, your turkey.

    >> i know you didn't seriously think that the police need to come to make sure you get your food?

    >> that's not an emergency . even if your lunch break is only 30 minutes , that is not an emergency . i am so sorry.

    >> thanks for telling us. will people ever learn?

    >> i believe they will. i have hope.

    >> yes.

    >> nationwide, there are 240 million calls placed to 911 ever year and there's no real data on how many of those are not emergencies or nonsense calls. but of course the problem is that while you're calling in about your toe stuck in a jar or a menacing rabbit in your yard, some people are calling in with an emergency kind of emergency .

    >> michelle, thank you very much. good lesson to learn, we're


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