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Video: Tensions ratchet up in Pakistan

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    >>> all right, we've been following breaking news today. twin explosions set off by islamic militants rocked a famed shrine in karachi. the u.s. is trying to stabilize the situation in pakistan , and it seems to be spiraling dangerously out of control. u.s. officials have issued multiple apologies for a helicopter attack that accidentally killed pakistani soldiers last week, and resulted with pakistan closing a key supply route in to afghanistan , closing it to nato forces. the u.s. missile strikes are continuing, though, today and the stress level is rising. nbc news chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon now. it seems that the united states , the troops there, kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place .

    >> and these are about as many public squabbles between the u.s. and pakistan that we've ever seen since the start of the war there in afghanistan . first, in regard to that helicopter attack on a pakistani military post, killing two soldiers, after the pakistani actually fired in the direction of the helicopters, apparently warning shots, yesterday the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff , admiral mike mullen , called the chief of the pakistani military , general quiana, to personally apologize, and then today actually sent a letter which was released by the pentagon, so there were dual apologies from the head military guy here in the pentagon yesterday, and today. and in addition to that, you know, there's a report out of the white house to congress that, in which the white house found that the pakistanis are not doing enough to go after al qaeda . that is still embedded in those safe havens in pakistan , and still another report that members of the pakistani intelligence agency are actually encouraging the taliban in afghanistan not to reconcile, but to keep up the fight against the afghan government , and the americans there. now, all that said, american senior military and pentagon officials are saying, look, we understand all this. we knew this was going to be a very difficult relationship, and it has been for the past several years. but they still have confidence that much of the complaints and the restrictions being imposed on the u.s. military now by the paks are still for domestic consumption there in pakistan to show the pakistani people that the government is not necessarily under control or behold beholden, at least to the americans.

    >> jim miklaszewski it does make you wonder how problematic this pakistani partnership could become.

    >> contessa, it could become even more complicated when the former leader of pakistan , general musharraf , has now announced that he's going to run for election in pakistan , has after he was ousted, and the american government , under the clinton administration , turned their back on him because essentially it was a dictatorship.

    >> we'll be watching for that. i know you're keeping tabs on it there from the pentagon. jim, thanks.

    >> you bet.


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