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Kristen Welker was named NBC News White House Correspondent in December 2011.  Welker has traveled domestically and internationally with President Obama, the First Lady, and Vice President Biden, including extensive coverage on the campaign trail during the 2012 election.  Her reports appear across all platforms of NBC News, including “NBC Nightly News,” “Today,” “Meet the Press,” MSNBC and

Welker previously served as an NBC News network correspondent based in Burbank, California.  She joined the broadcast network in 2010 from NBC’s Philadelphia owned and operated station, WCAU, where she anchored the NBC 10 weekend newscasts. Welker started at NBC 10 as a general assignment reporter in April 2005. Before her move to Philadelphia, Welker was a reporter and weekend morning anchor at WLNE-TV in Providence, Rhode Island. Prior to that, she worked as an anchor and reporter at KRCR-TV in Redding, California. Early in her career, Welker worked as a researcher on NBC’s “Weekend Today,” and as an assistant producer for CBS Newspath.

Welker, a native of Philadelphia, graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree cum laude in American History. She also studied Spanish in Madrid on a Rotary Scholarship. In 2008, Welker was nominated for two Mid-Atlantic Emmy awards. She is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists.

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Video: College grads enter hard-knocks job market

  1. Closed captioning of: College grads enter hard-knocks job market

    >>> time now for "education nation." our ongoing coverage of education and tonight how it relates to jobs. today's jobs numbers, which we talked about at the top of the broadcast, not likely to bring great comfort to thousands of recent college graduates who still can't find work they're trained for or any work for that matter. nbc's kristen welker reports on what it means for our "education nation."

    >> any questions?

    >> reporter: like most college seniors, kelsey cook is consumed with finishing her degree. but the journalism major at the university of colorado spends most of her free time searching for work in one of the toughest employment markets in almost three decades.

    >> it's stressful because everyone is looking for a job right now.

    >> reporter: at her school's job fair , cook networked and distributed an impressive resume. even that might not be enough. the unemployment rate for adults 20 to 24 years old is nearly 15%, and that's almost 50% higher than the national average, which means cook is competing with her fellow seniors and --

    >> i'm heidi, nice to meet you.

    >> reporter: alumni like hidee christianson who have been unemployed since she graduated last year. the pressure on students is spreading. career counselors say underclassman, even freshman, are getting a case of the job jitters. jesus rivera is already thinking about life after graduation.

    >> not being able to know that there's a job out there in the future for me made me realize that i have to already plan ahead in order to succeed.

    >> how did you come up with those majors?

    >> reporter: for many, that plan includes an early visit to the career center .

    >> the majority of the freshman had resumes already, which sun usual.

    >> reporter: analysts say the outlook for job growth is improving but students should be aggressive, get internships and realize their first job may not be exact think what they want.

    >> i'm not in any position to turn down a job right now.

    >> reporter: young adults who have all the right stuff at a very difficult time. kristen welker, nbc news, bolder, colorado.