For the most part, respondents to this report were not as willing to soften their opinions of countries who did not offer support or participation to the U.S. in the war in Iraq.  Some criticism also extended to President Bush.

Re: Bush shows change of heart on Iraq bids

Name: Rueben Basconcillo
Hometown: North Hills, CA
Re:  Bush Shows Change of Heart ...
This is just one more indication that the Bush administration went to war without considering all the facts or developing a comprehensive plan.  We won militarily but are now finding out it is almost impossible to win their hearts.  Prediction:  Iraq will not be a democracy as we know it.

Name: Judy Wright
Hometown: Lebanon, TN

I do not want my tax payer money going to Germany or France or any country that did not support us. How dare they try to tell us who we should give contracts to?  Let them put money into the project. I hope President Bush doesn't change his mind.

Name: M. Miller
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
I agree - let the nations, including the U.S. - who have paid the bill for the Iraq war be the primary beneficiaries of the reconstruction contracts.  The money in these contracts can at least help pay back the people in those countries for their support.

Name: Homer Hatmaker
Hometown: Cedartown, Georgia

Under the headline BACK-PEDALING; I do think that the President may be making a grave mistake by giving in to the French and allowing them to bid on contracts for reconstruction of Iraq. They have fought America in every way they could in this war, taking no risk whatsoever; now want to profit in the reconstruction efforts. While I will agree that it would be good to try to mend the divisions with these countries, I don't think the President should compromise his stand unless the French as well as any other country are willing to make the first move to help with security in Iraq first.

Name: Shaun J. Pilcher
Hometown: Pomona, New York
I think it is utterly unthinkable to allow any nation who opposed the war in Iraq and who did NOT put their citizens' lives at risk to now be able to bid on the reconstruction of Iraq.  President Bush should maintain his policy that NO nation who opposed the war will be allowed to bid on reconstruction contracts and be able to "make money" off the blood of American soldiers.

Name: Ron Pogatchnik
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
It is amazing to me that President Bush now plans to allow Canada and soon France, Germany, and Russia to participate in the bidding of reconstruction projects in Iraq. 

These scoundrels have major complicity in helping Saddam stay in power and now they want the American people (whom they despise) to give them taxpayer money to rebuild.  How about our American companies.  They should have all the rights to earn taxpaer dollars for reconstruction. The French, Germans and Russians should be exposed for the dogs they are. How dare the president roll over on this issue?

Name: Dave Burke
Hometown: Fallon
BUSH SHOWS CHANGE OF HEART ON IRAQ BIDS.  We received no support from these countries whatsoever but they want the contracts that will be paid for with our tax dollars.  I don't think so!!!!!  They wanted to stay out of the fight and voice their dissatisfaction over our policy.  Since this is my tax dollars at work I and the rest of the American people should be able to tell France, Germany, and Russia, "NO WAY."  Besides, why should we give them any more of our money when they haven't even paid their debts back to us from previous wars!!!!!!!!!!!

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