Explainer: Kate Snow investigates 'Paradise' in photos

  • The Dateline report "Stealing Paradise," airs Oct. 22, Friday, 9 pm/8c on Dateline NBC.

  • On the one hour flight from Panama City to Bocas del Toro

  • The view from the air as we approached Bocas del Toro.

  • The very small plane that brought us to Bocas del Toro.

  • The main drag on the main island of Bocad del Toro.

  • The cameramen prepare their gear for the boat ride out to Wild Bill's property.

  • Looking over notes on the boat ride to Wild Bill's place.

  • Prepping for the shoot at Wild Bill's bar

  • Wild Bill's outdoor shed

  • A view of Cher's beautiful island that she loved so much.

  • Interviewing National Director of Police, Gustavo Perez, in his office in Panama City, Panama.

  • Sitting down with Cher's younger sister Judy Barber in a New York studio.


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