Respondents to this story generally supported holding elections quickly in Iraq.  Reasons varied from mistrust of U.S. motives, to eagerness to get U.S. troops out of Iraq, to faith in the outcome of a democratic process.

Re: U.S. offers changes in Iraqi election plan

Name: Jim Henderson
Hometown: Nacogdoches, TX
Why reject popular elections just because of an arbitrary pull-out date?  Last time I checked, we in America have popular elections.

Name: Tamidire
Hometown: Warri, Nigeria
It's high time the U.S. government realize that the world cannot be fooled by their deceit.  The Iraqis has proved this by not accepting their proposals about handing back their sovereignty.  The Iraqis require a government determined by thier own policy and views not one forced on them.

Name: Mitch Sammons
Hometown: Waterville, Maine

Let the Iraq people have their elections. Then they would only have themselves to blame for failure. It's time they became accountable for their own country and actions.

Name: Mike
Hometown: Sarasota, Fl

This is in response to the protests in southern Iraq.  I myself was in southern Iraq, and then in Baghdad. We keep pumping money into the Sunni region trying to appease those who hate us while we ignore those who supported us in the south. In the end we will lose everyone.  We came to show Iraqis democracy, why not let them vote?  Are they now not good enough for the American version of democaracy?  Give them our constitution, the right to vote, and the right to turn the constitution into whatever suits them.

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