Explainer: The 10 most gadgety Halloween costumes

  • Etsy, courtesy of Nerd Approved

    Stumped about what to dress up as this Halloween? How about your favorite gadget? Don't think it's possible? Well then check out these crazy examples. But since there isn't much time left to make something elaborate, you could always fall back on dressing up like a zombie and carrying around your old VCRs and cassette players. Obsolete gadgets, returned from the grave! - By Sean Fallon

  • Pac-Man arcade costume

    Courtesy of Nerd Approved

    You have to admire Russell Luzinski for going to the trouble of custom building a arcade cabinet around a laptop loaded with a working version of Pac-Man just to wear it as a Halloween costume — but for all of its nerdy ingenuity there are drawbacks. First of all, the finished costume weighed around 30 pounds — meaning a lot of calories are burned just wearing it. So you'll need to fuel up on Halloween candy to get the sugar you so desperately need to keep on going. You'll also need that energy to fight off fellow partygoers and/or small children that assault you trying to beat their high scores. DIY - Make via Fashionably Geek

  • Breathalyzer costume

    Courtesy of Nerd Approved

    See that picture of the man in the breathalyzer costume? You can almost hear him say "You know who's gonna get really drunk on Halloween then say and do inappropriate things? This guy." It tells everyone to keep their distance — except for the police, who'll surely be very interested in administering a real breathalyzer test to him at some point during the night. But hey, at least you're popular, unlike the guy wearing the Fart O Meter costume. I've never had what it takes to be the life of the party, but I know that going around the room trying to collect a backpack full of farts isn't going to help my chances. $44.47 - Stupid.com

  • Electronic voice-changing helmet

    Courtesy of Nerd Approved

    There are many electronic voice changing helmets on the market, but few are as menacing as this Judoon helmet from the "Doctor Who" series. Interestingly, the Judoon kind of sounds like the Cookie Monster, so it's really like having two costumes in one. Just wear a blue shirt and pants with the helmet and go around trick-or-treating with an empty bag of Chips Ahoy shouting "ME WANT COOKIE!" every time someone opens the door. So your Cookie Judoon costume will end up being both frightening and goofy — which equals just plain creepy. $29.99 - Entertainment Earth via Fashionably Geek

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  • Toaster costume

    Courtesy of Nerd Approved

    The guy wearing the toaster costume is like the arch nemesis of the guy wearing the breathalyzer costume. He's wholesome — a buzzkill. When Breathalyzer Guy spikes the punch, Toaster Man's there, wagging his finger. When the police arrive to haul Breathalyzer Guy away, Toaster Man's the one who filed the complaint. But Breathalyzer Guy has formidable allies like Plug-and-Socket Couple. Toaster Man works alone — but not by choice. Apparently it's hard to find a Halloween sidekicks who are dressed like washer and dryer. $47.96 - Costume Craze

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  • Segway-mounted Zoltar fortune teller costume

    Courtesy of Nerd Approved

    Jonathan Gleich's Zoltar costume would have been awesome enough, but he went the extra mile and mounted the whole thing on a Segway. So now he's a mobile fortune-telling machine who barrels down the street dispensing wisdom. Naturally, there aren't many takers, as the only fortune he offers is "You will tremble in fear of Zoltar." Say what you want, but he's the only seer who can boast 100 percent accuracy. Check out the YouTube link to see Zoltar in action. DIY - YouTube via Make

  • Dog iPhone costume

    Courtesy of Nerd Approved

    Yes, believe it or not, there are gadget costumes for dogs — but we have to ask ourselves a question: If dogs could talk, what would they say about their owners dressing them up? What if the dog dressed in this iPhone costume is actually an Android phone fan? The dog may be small, but you are vulnerable when lying down. I would sleep with one eye open. DIY - istolethetv's Flickr

  • Kikai walker

    Courtesy of Nerd Approved

    The Kid's Walker from Japanese company Sakakibara Kikai is an honest to goodness robot vehicle for kids — and it would make for a truly awesome Halloween costume. For safety's sake, the controls on the robot are basic. Yet even though it does little more than shuffle about, I have no doubt that the kid in the cockpit will have his choice of candy in the neighborhood. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the other kids gave up their candy in exchange for a promise of protection, or at least a ride. There are no plans to put the robot vehicle into production, but Kikai claims that a rental service could be possible sometime down the line. Price not available - Sakakibara Kikai via Nerd Approved

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  • iMac Cylon helmet

    Courtesy of Nerd Approved

    As a kid, I would go usually go up into the attic at the last minute and rummage through old clothes in a lazy attempt to fashion some sort of Halloween costume. (I think I might have gone as a ninja/farmer/wolfman one year.) As sad as that is, sometimes a random approach like this can result in some creative ideas. The guy pictured here took an old iMac and embedded a set of scanning LED lights inside to create a retro Apple-ized version of the Cylons from "Battlestar Galactica." DIY - YouTube

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  • Etch A Sketch costume

    Courtesy of Nerd Approved

    Instead of aluminum powder, this actual working, custom-made Etch A Sketch costume uses a dry-erase marker on a sheet of glass that's controlled by a pulley system. Think of all the immature things you could draw! Of course, in the end, everything will probably look like a set of stairs. DIY - Instructables

  • 3-D glasses dress

    Courtesy of Nerd Approved

    3-D is all the rage at the moment, so why not go out for Halloween dressed as a pair of 3-D glasses? It would be even better if you had a life-size cardboard cutout of yourself that you could carry around. You could address everyone with the cardboard version, then step in front of it and reveal your 3-D self. Then punch that person in the face. It's the most realistic 3-D movie ever! $70 - Etsy via Fashionably Geek

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